Sometimes we get so swept up in life, that we often forget how important having a positive mindset really is. Not just for our bodies or our mind but to be able to achieve what we want and bring happiness to those around us. Not letting the negative self-talk cloud our judgement of ourselves and others. 

It’s not always going to be an easy ride and it can be difficult to be able to be positive 24/7 but it works wonders for yourself and most importantly your mental health. It’s not always about smiling and looking cheerful all the time, it’s about how you feel about life and your perspective on it and how you want to focus on having a good one. 

”Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.”

– Remez Sasson

When you have this positive mindset, it means that you will have that positive expectation for things, rather than thinking it won’t happen. It gives you more courage to want to continue to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals. Whether it’s getting a new job, taking on a more healthy lifestyle, applying to colleges it will make you feel more confident and happy about it.

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What can you do to help keep you in a more positive mindset?

It can be quite difficult to be ‘positive’ there’s always someone out there who you feel is excelling more than you or someone who puts you down. Unfortunately, the world is full of those and it can be difficult to always stay in that positive mindset especially if you have a lot going on. There is also so much fear and violence that are thrown at us in every angle unexpectedly.

Which makes having a positive mindset even more important, because when the world around you is filled with negativity you can be positive energy.

Be proactive

A lot of the time people and certain circumstances will always have to have your time. Phone calls, emails to answer having certain expectations from others. So practise being proactive, don’t just instantly react to a situation negatively. Take control of that situation, only you can decide how you want to live your life and what you want to do.

It’s important not to let others control your life or the way you act. Practise being proactive rather than reactive and actually take control of a situation instead. Take yourself away from that and schedule in some you time, it’s not selfish to want to have time to yourself. In fact, it’s actually so beneficial to just be able to switch off and immerse yourself in whatever you enjoy without having to worry about opinions or the outcome. Just live in the moment and don’t be afraid to push the boat out and reliase you have the strength to be able to take control rather than react negatively.

Surround yourself with happiness

It’s sometimes proven to be difficult to find a variety of positive people who bring that little bit of light to your life. But, when you find them it’s definitely worth having them stick around as they’re the people you want in your life, rather than the toxic ones. Having that support, that good and that person to lift your spirits or that someone to motivate you to keep going when you feel like you’ve failed.

Having that positive energy leads you to think positive and that’s what makes you happy mentally and physically. Rather than focusing on the ones that complain, moan or put you down even if they have been your friend for a long time. The negative impact that they have on you is much more toxic than you think and that’s why it’s important to keep those that make you laugh uncontrollably or those ones that are proud of you for even the littlest of things.

Say goodbye to the negative self-talk

This is probably the one that is the most difficult, we all fall into this trap of talking ourselves down. Not being proud of ourselves, putting the way we look down or generally just constantly battling with our minds to let that negative self-talk seep through and destroy our self-esteem. But, what’s more, powerful than that is positivity and the strength, power and outcome it has on anyone.

Scrap that negativity, talk to yourself positively. You’re better than letting your mind take control and put you down because the truth is as soon as you start saying it and believing it the more it impacts you physically and mentally and it can become very draining. Be someone you’d be proud of, be positive about your future aspirations, your body or just who you’re as a person.

We all have flaws and things we want to change, but that’s not an excuse to put ourselves down constantly. Push it aside, or learn to love it. Don’t talk about people behind their back, if you have an issue speak to their face. Don’t be one of these people who talk negatively about people because if you were in their shoes then you wouldn’t appreciate what they had to say. Which would then take a hit to your mental health and let that negative self-talk creep up again. It’s best to talk about your issues face to face and say it in a mature manner, rather than gossiping.

Be grateful 

Being grateful for something that is often misunderstood, but one that is vital in order to feel and think positively. Be thankful for those people you have in your life that have brought you joy, that has helped you out when you hit your lowest point, those that forgive your mistakes but love you anyway.

Having that attitude of gratitude is a great way to be able to get you feeling positive instantly. It’s not just about being happy all the time, let your feelings come through if they have too. It’s ok to feel sad and angry, let your emotions do what they have too. Whether that’s positive or negative, and let them pass by. You begin to take on that mindset of, whatever happens, I’ll be able to get through it. Rather than doubting yourself and not thinking you can succeed.

Write down all the positive things in your life

We all have something in life that makes us happy, makes us feel motivated and proud. So, why not try and write a list of all the things you’ve been through in life that have been a positive breakthrough for you. Understand, that how you feel and the way you decide your happiness in life is only your responsibility no one else’s.

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Types of traits for a positive mindset

Some of the many traits that come with a positive mindset are acceptance, resilience, gratitude, optimism, consciousness/mindfulness and integrity.

Acceptance: Making sure to understand that not everything will always turn out the way you want, but then learning from the mistakes you’ve made.

Resilience: Not letting disappointment or failure set you back and constantly bouncing back from it and not giving up.

Gratitude: Making sure to appreciate all the good things in life.

Optimism: Making an effort and taking a chance instead of just assuming that nothing will pay off.

Consciousness/ Mindfulness: Ensuring the mind is aware and enhancing the ability to focus.

Integrity: Being honourable and straightforward instead of just being selfish and deceitful.

Positive attitudes
  • Having that time to enjoy the things that didn’t want but enjoying them anyway.
  • Being able to motivate those around you with a positive attitude or something you say.
  • Smiling more and more.
  • As soon as you feel yourself fall, pick yourself back up again.
  • Understand that relationships are so much more important than materialistic things.
  • Being happy for someone else’s future or successes.
  • Shining a positive light on your future vision, despite how bad your current situation is.
  • Ensuring that you don’t let anyone’s negativity bring you down.
  • Giving more than you expect to get back.
  • Never ever stop being true to yourself.
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What are the benefits of having a positive mindset?

Having a positive mindset and that kind of outlook on life will not just improve it and your experience. But you will have more benefits mentally and physically. You may have increased longevity, reduced risk of symptoms from depression, less stress and anxiety, better psychological and physical wellbeing, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, better coping skills when stress or hardship appear.

Better communication with others as well as better relationships, having a lot more happiness and meaning in your life, having more a sense of purpose in life. Happiness, a positive attitude awakens the happiness from within. You don’t have to have a ton of money, to be able to be happy and achieve what you want in life. It is down to the attitude you portray when you begin to think positively, you become happy.

Motivation, thinking positively will help you accomplish those dreams, doesn’t matter how long it’s going to take as long as you reach where you need to go. It makes it easier to do tasks and be proud of what you have achieved. It’s a wonderful trait to have and it pushes you forward and encourages you to overcome the obstacles.

Self-esteem, your attitude and the way you think have a lot to do with how you actually feel about yourself. If you begin to adapt to that more positive attitude and think positively, you will have a better opinion on yourself. Being able to love yourself, be good to yourself and be kind and happy are all ways of thinking positively. It also enhances your self-confidence, your strength and your courage.

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