Being alone and feeling lonely are two very different things. While many of us need some time to ourselves to rest and recharge, loneliness can have a debilitating impact on your everyday life, especially if it is linked to mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.

Counselling for loneliness can help you to overcome the feelings of detachment or isolation that may be dominating your daily life. It’s a chance to look at the causes of your loneliness and identify situations that exacerbate it.

What to expect


If you’re seeking therapy for loneliness and associated issues, my sessions will give you a secure, caring environment in which to open up. It can be challenging to talk about your feelings, so I’ll allow you to set the pace with no pressure or judgment. The information you disclose during our sessions is kept confidential and if it is necessary to pass on details to a third party, I will – wherever possible – ask your permission first.


Managing loneliness


We can also explore ways to remedy the loneliness you are experiencing or to feel more connected while you’re alone. This can be anything from playing with a pet or doing some gardening, to taking up a group activity such as dancing or a team sport. This can be a big step if you have been isolated for some time, so you will be in control of if and when you are ready to start trying different things.


If you’d like to receive counselling for loneliness or other issues, contact me today on 07510 495791 or email beckywhocares1@outlook.com. I’m always willing to listen.

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