1) Focus on something else

Being in our head too much, can make us feel quite alone and like we don’t really have anything or anyone to focus our minds onto. But, actually being able to focus on something else, helps us massively, because it means we’re trying to shift our focus onto something else. We start to obsess over something particularly negative when we’re in our own heads. It’s not a very healthy way to think and it’s often a very negative effect that it has on us both mentally and physically. Having something that you can really focus on, that makes you feel more positive in turn will help you feel a lot better about the situation at hand for sure.

When we begin to start to shift our focus onto something else, it, in general, makes us feel so much better and that’s such a key aspect. When we’re feeling low, being able to focus our minds on something else, in turn, can do a whole world of good. It can just take that person or that certain memory to change your thought pattern, it can do so good for your mental health by being able to really focus your mind somewhere else and try as many ways as you can to really keep it there. It helps you feel more connected, it helps you feel like you have something to focus on so that you don’t have to focus too much on the negative aspect.

2) Remember to stay in the ‘now’ 

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This is something, that we often forget quite a lot when we’re in that mindset of being quite negative and harsh to ourselves. Meaning, that we often, can get into the habit of blaming our past and really fixating on that specific type of memory that we’ve tried so hard to forget. But, often we get so caught up in that, that we forget to actually learn to live in the now and realise that is exactly were we need to be. Trying to let go of the past, can be very hard, especially if there’s a specific memory that you might hold onto that, you might find it really hard to let go of. But, holding onto the past, does not do anything for you, in fact, it pushes you down a lot and it can be very hard to be able to move past that.

When you start to get into the headspace, of the negativity and you get in your head too much, try not to focus too much on the past. Instead, learn to breathe in a little and focus on the now, don’t fixate over things that have happened or things that could potentially happen, because you’ll most likely get yourself in a state and that is what you want to avoid. It’s important to not focus on anything at that current moment, but try to make you feel a lot better and by doing that, it means that you try and not think too much about the past, rather just focus on the moment. Find ways in which you can help yourself feel better and go into that more positive mindset.

3) Avoid negative self-talk

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This is so true because so often we get into that mindset of just completely going into thinking negatively because we just feel like that is how we should talk to ourselves. But, quite often, if we start to really delve into the negative self-talk, it can mean that we actually make ourselves feel worse and that we get really into our heads even more. Learning to catch your critic, by being able to get good at trying to notice your inner critic and trying to stop it in its tracks is really important. Trying to notice things that you would say to yourself, but then realising that you would never say that to a friend or someone close to you. It’s about realising that what you’re talking about to yourself, is in fact negative and trying to avoid that as much as you can.

It’s also important to realise that thinking negative in general about yourself, isn’t always reality and that the thoughts and feelings you’re going through aren’t always reality either. It can be really hard sometimes to be able to tell them apart in general, but once you’ve figured out how to avoid negative self-talk in general, it can help massively. Try and shift your perspective as much as you can, like asking yourself if the thing you’re upset about will really matter in minutes or hours to come and try and put it into that perspective instead, can help you a lot to deal with negative self-talk. Try getting into the habit of speaking aloud, when the negative self-talk hits, say it aloud and it’ll often make you realise that you’re being negative to yourself, and try and change that to be more positive.

4) Get better rest 

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We hear this all the time, about just getting enough rest in general, which is why it is obviously very important, because, without it, we can’t really function. Sometimes, when we get into our heads too much, it can be for a number of reasons of course, but the rest can be a massive one. Because, when we’re not giving our bodies enough of it, it can be really hard for us to slip into a really low state mentally and it can really negatively affect our mood. So, of course, rest is important because it allows us to be able to concentrate and be able to have the energy to do what we need to and that’s important. That’s why it helps a lot to be able to get a good night’s sleep or have a nap when you feel you need to, to be able to help you function better in general.

Our bodies really thrive on getting enough sleep, so when we feel ourselves slipping into a dark state, checking that we’re sleeping enough, can be a good start. So, we’re not leading ourselves to feel really burnt and exhausted. Getting enough sleep is key to being able to make you feel better, it’s why when we’re ill, we often feel sleep is the best thing to help us recover. Definitely, get into the habit of getting enough sleep, because it means that you’re able to take care of your mental and physical health a lot more in general. Having a lack of sleep can make you feel anxious and depressed, can often make you feel more lonely or isolated in general. Meaning you might find it hard to be able to concentrate, with the lack of sleep you’re getting.

5) Talk to someone

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Quite often, when we get into that mindset, we might feel like avoiding people at all costs, is what we need to do. But, this is far from the truth, in fact instead, sometimes it can be a massive help to be able to actually talk to someone. We often get so caught up sometimes in being alone when we’re in a bad way, sometimes this can be good because then we don’t take it out on others. But, it actually could help you a lot by talking to someone, because you’re focusing on something else and talking to someone. You don’t even have to talk specifically about what’s going on, it can just be a general catch-up, to really try and shift your focus. Of course, if you don’t feel like it then definitely don’t feel pressured into doing so, but it could help a lot by expressing how you’re feeling or just having a great chat.

Don’t feel embarrassed that you’re in a particularly bad headspace, because not everyone goes through life feeling ok every single day and it’s important to reliase that. Instead, just talk to someone, whether it’s a trusted friend, family, or even a professional. It’s so vital that you know, you’re never alone, because once you start thinking that, is when it can become very lonely and have some really negative effects on you. So, definitely get into the habit of talking to people, really get into that mindset of wanting to reach out and not face your fears alone. Sometimes we often feel like being alone is the best option, but this isn’t always the case, and having people around can help loads.


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Words: Karley Myall