Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about counselling

What if I feel uncomfortable talking face to face with direct eye contact?
I am able to adapt my session to use resources that I have collected over the years to do counselling in a different way. Which works well if your really nervous and don’t like direct eye contact, I will help and courage you to feel more at ease building trust and the therapeutic relationship.
Will you understand where I am coming from?
I work very hard in the session to understand what’s going for yourself from your world and your prospective. I am not walking in your shoes but with empathy and a connection that is built in a therapeutic environment I believe I will understand where you are coming from.
What happens if I have been misheard or not understood?
Sometimes this happens in therapy, I am human and do make mistakes, I will gently ask if I have understood what’s being going on or if I have understood. I hope that our therapeutic relationship is strong and say Becky I meant it like this I am open to be challenged.
What if I need more help than what my therapist can offer me?
I have a lot of experience from working within a multi agency setting. With the knowledge I have, I am able to say I think you be able to access this support from this service. With you written consent I am able to write a referral to the adult mental health services or to CHAMS, or to the GP. For myself it is supporting you with the knowledge and experience I have.
How many sessions will I have?
Working in private practice you have the flexibility to work short term medium or long term. This can be discussed when we meet and then if we need to review the session, every Six weeks to see where you are. I work to a ending in a structured way  counting down towards the end, it is also possible to work fortnightly and this still keeps contact then working toward a healthy ending.
What type of therapy do you offer?
I work in a integrative approach. For me as a therapist I have so many different ways of working that I call it tools in my toolbox. I will then adapt my knowledge and training to suit your needs.
How much will it cost?

£30 for children and students in education. £40 for adults (£50 for Saturday consultations).

What happens if I miss a session?
I ask for 24 hours notice otherwise the session is chargeable.
What happens if I want to take a holiday, will I have to pay?
Will the counselling be confidential?
Yes the sessions are completely confidential apart form a few exclusions from harm to self and to others, money laundering and terrorism.
Will you make notes during the session, if so, what happens to these?
I make very brief notes and these get stored in a secure filing cabinet.
Can I contact my therapist in-between sessions?
You can contact myself, about changing sessions or needing to send me a message. I have boundaries with contact with my clients. My phone stays on silent and I will respond as soon as I can.
What happens if I see my client out?
In our first initial counselling session I will ask you what you would like to happen if I saw you outside the counselling room and would respect what answer you gave, this wouldn’t change anything in the counselling room.