Child Counselling

I have been working in schools and private referrals from social services for many years with young people. I will support the young person to work through it together, so it doesn’t feel so heavy or daunting. Sometimes with the consent of the young person, I will be able to share ideas, information or concerns to help support the child.

I will help your child to understand what is going on in their mind, body and lives in a way that can understand.

Due to the circumstances around Coronavirus and the government’s advice on social distancing, I will be taking my counselling online for the foreseeable future until we’re able to meet face to face again. I am using a software called Zoom where we can connect with each other and discuss your issues through a call to ensure you’re getting the best help you can. It’s simple to use, it will require me to send you over a link and you connect to the call I host. The software is free to use, so don’t worry about that. It’s best for me to be able to connect with your child in a safe way.

What is child counselling?

Child counselling is a type of therapy that focuses on young children and teens who suffer from one or even more mental health-related illnesses. Whilst ensuring to provide help for youths who may have experienced any particular trauma, or are experiencing any stressful environments. Children tend to face rather similar issues to what adults face, being anxiety, depression and perhaps grief. But the thing is for children, I as a counsellor need to be able to understand the issue and how it’s affecting the child then I can break down the problem into manageable parts so that the child will be able to understand it a lot clearer.

What does it involve?

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For children who need counselling. It’s important for them and their parents to know what I will not and will do as a counsellor. As a therapist won’t try to fix you or give you advice or even tell you what to do. I won’t pretend I know more about you than you do, assume what’s best for you, have all the answers or make the hard stuff go away instantly.

As a therapist, I will remind you that you aren’t broken, give you room to access your own wisdom, support you in figuring out what to do. Recognise that you are the expert on your own life, remember that only you know what’s best for you. Honour that I don’t know it all and collaborate with you on how to make the hard stuff easier to sit with.

What are the benefits of child counselling?

Counselling is such a great thing to help anyone try and get better or try and get a hand on how they’re feeling. Exploring ways in which I can help you to ensure that you will gradually begin to feel better. It can help with any worries that your child could be facing. I will do what I can to ensure that we work through the problems together.

When should you seek counselling for your child?

It can be difficult to find out when your child needs counselling but it’s important to be able to recognise what is happening and seek help. When the child has emotional or behavioural problems, the earlier that they get treatment the easier it will be to help them. If your child starts showing signs of disruptive, explosive or even dangerous behaviour which can often be generated by anxiety, stress, frustration and trauma.

If your child is experiencing feelings of serious anxiousness and sadness or is irritable for a long period of time. You might notice that it’s starting to affect their daily life. A child who is having these feelings of anxiousness or even depression is one that will not be able to enjoy all the great things about being a child and the feelings can begin to be the centre of attention. So, it’s really important to seek help as soon as possible.


All information that you choose to disclose will be treated in the strictest confidence, which means parents and teachers cannot access it. However, under the Children’s Act, 1989, counsellors are required to report child protection concerns to social services. If it’s necessary for me to pass on any confidential information, I will, wherever possible, only to do so with your consent.

Everything is confidential apart from harm to self and others which follows the BACP ethical framework. By law, if there is a disclosure of money laundering or terrorism I would report this to the police. All of the confidentiality agreement is in the working agreement that is sent out prior to the session starts.

I do counselling for young people issues, depression, anxiety, exam stress, loneliness, abuse and eating disorders if you have any other worries to not hesitate to contact me. To book an appointment, contact me on 07510 495791 or email or fill out the form on the website. 

I also offer a free informal 20-minute session so that you can see if I’m the right counsellor for you and to make sure you feel comfortable. 

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