Walk and talk therapy

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I am a qualified and fully registered counsellor and offer many services to do with mental health some including eating disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, young people issues and many more.

Something I am looking to do once the Covid-19 pandemic slowly comes to an end and we can all finally be reunited again is walk and talk therapy I want to be able to go outside to a safe walking route with my clients and walk and talk about how they’re feeling at the same time. Getting out in nature and keeping fit whilst discussing how I can support them. Rather then sitting inside, it’ll help them tremendously as they’d be getting out in the fresh air and keeping levels of stress and anxiety down due to exercise. 

Due to the current situation, this is obviously not going to be happening straight away until we’re allowed to be able to go near one and other. This is an idea for when we can all be at the same distance as each other walking, rather than just sitting in an office. The Government guidelines at the moment are that you should not be leaving the house with anyone that is not in your household, which results in this currently not being possible. 

But hopefully, as restrictions begin to ease, myself and the client will be able to take up all the benefits of walk and talk therapy. If this is something you’d like to engage with when we can, please contact me. If you, however, would still like a counselling session in the meantime, I offer online counselling through Zoom or phone call, if you want more information click here. 

What is walk and talk therapy?

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Walking and talking are the main things that us as humans do. These two things are one way of communicating with one another but also getting the exercise whilst enjoying nature. Walking and talking therapy is a blessing for your mental health.

Talking: I myself offer talking therapy for all kinds of mental health-related issues, ensuring you as my client can talk to me about how you’re feeling and I can offer you guidance and support. We as humans love to socialise and talk to one another.

Walking: A great form of exercise and one that many of us does on a daily basis, just to get out in the fresh out and take some time to soak up the views. As much as we love to talk, we also love to walk which makes it a perfect combination.

Gives you the ability to have a therapy session and walking side by side giving you a space to talk freely about an issue.

What does it involve?

Walking and talking therapy for the mental state at the same time is not something that is new, it’s been around for a while. Sometimes you don’t even notice you’re doing it but you can simply just be out with a friend, walking and talking about life. Which in a way is therapy, it can have a huge amount of psychological benefits.

Safety for myself and my client is important to me, so that will always be taken into consideration. It will involve us walking to a safe and open route, I have many near where I am based. Where we can go into nature and discuss moving forward strategies and what you’re suffering with. Whilst also keeping fit and being able to embrace the outside world, rather than sitting inside.

What are the benefits of it?

Walking therapy offers an innovative approach to counselling, taking place in the therapeutic scenes of nature, having physical exercise with counselling therapy. It helps clients improve thinking, creativity, reduce feelings of anxiety and stress and reduce levels of depression.

It releases endorphins, which are a natural ‘feel-good’ chemical which can lead to a happier mood. Regular excercise improves sleep,  keeps the body fit. Natural landscapes can be inspiring, especially if the scenery is impressive. Visiting somewhere new can be refreshing which increases feelings of positivity.

It improves athletic performance, immunity and memory, makes you feel happier, controls depression. Will give you the ability to learn to focus and relax your mind, you can enjoy the company and the surroundings, it’ll give you more motivation.

In regards to sitting in a room face to face from each other talking to how you can go for a walk and talk and have all these added bonuses with it, is what makes walk and talk therapy a powerful thing.


All information that you choose to disclose will be treated in the strictest confidence, which means parents and teachers cannot access it. However, under the Children’s Act, 1989, counsellors are required to report child protection concerns to social services. If it’s necessary for me to pass on any confidential information, I will, wherever possible, only to do so with your consent.

Everything is confidential apart from harm to self and others which follows the BACP ethical framework. By law, if there is a disclosure of money laundering or terrorism I would report this to the police. All of the confidentiality agreement is in the working agreement that is sent out prior to the session starting.

I do counselling for young people issues, depression, anxiety, exam stress, loneliness, abuse and eating disorders if you have any other worries to not hesitate to contact me. To book an appointment, contact me on 07510 495791 or email beckywhocares1@outlook.com or fill out the form on the website. 

I also offer a free informal 20-minute session so that you can see if I’m the right counsellor for you and to make sure you feel comfortable.