A lot of us tend to get into that mindset of overthinking, then that leads us to begin to panic or simply just think that the outcome will be dreadful. It’s so easy to fall into that trap of overthinking literally anything and that can be massive things or even the minor things that go on in life. We all know what it’s like to overthink and we’ve all done it. It’s one of the things that in a way comes naturally to many but one of them that’s hard to snap out off. 

But when you begin to slowly put things into perspective, you end up realising that overthinking isn’t worth it and you think to yourself will this even matter in years to come? Because most of the time it won’t, it’s actually a hard headspace to get out of, especially if you tend to overthink a lot of the time and suffer from a mental health condition this can make it significantly worse. Don’t waste your life, doing things you don’t enjoy and then begin to overthink them when they go wrong, if your heart isn’t in it then don’t put yourself through it. So, if you’re struggling with overthinking too much then here are 5 ways that might help you push past it. 

1) Don’t think constantly what can go wrong, focus on what can go right

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This is so important, often when we begin to overthink we think a whole load of negative thoughts that put us of doing it completely. Our minds wander and that’s something that can be tricky to work your way around but it’s vital that you try to do it. Overthinking is mostly caused by fear, when you begin to feel fear and think negatively it begins to take over and then you feel put off. When you feel yourself going into that direction, stop yourself and think about what can go right instead.

When you begin to think about what can go right rather than wrong, you’ll see that you’ll immerse into a more positive mindset which will benefit you in the long run when it comes to facing situations head-on. So, if you’ve got a job interview rather than thinking that you won’t get it, or you’ll say something silly. Think about the fact that you’re going to go in and impress them with your CV and that you go in there with a positive mindset, often that’s the way many excel.

Not letting negative thoughts cloud your thoughts is most likely set up for failure. But, if you let them positive thoughts take over you will do well and it’ll have a huge impact on not only your mind but your physical health too.

2) Put things into perspective 

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It’s very easy to make things sound worse than they’re or to make it more negative than it even needs to be. Rather than overthinking, step into that mindset of does it really matter? Will this matter to me in 5 years? and if the answer is no, then it’s not worth the worry. A lot of the time when we fall into the trap of overthinking a lot of it is minor things that we think about.

If you reliase that it’s not worth worrying about, then you’ll know that when a situation like that arises again you can immediately shut it down and know that it’s not worth the stress. Always put things into perspective before you begin to overthink them because half the time you’ll reliase they weren’t worth the worry in the first place. It’s trying to find that way of escaping the mindset of constantly overthinking and instead focusing it on what matters and what positives will come out of it.

3) Stop waiting on perfection 

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Perfection, something that we all want but it’s very much not reality even though it may seem like it can be when it’s posted everywhere. But the truth is no one is perfect, we all have our flaws and our ups and downs and that’s just what makes us human. This is a big one for us all because we get so caught up in this definition of ‘perfect’ that we believe that’s how life and we will be.

Being ambitious and reaching your goals is great, but the truth is aiming for perfection is unrealistic and can really get you feeling down about yourself and your life. The moment you enter that mindset of perfect and that it needs to be perfect, the sooner you’ll begin to reliase that waiting for perfection to come along is not as good as actually making progress and doing things to the best of your ability.

It’s important to reliase that whilst perfection is merely a definition and is in a lot of ways unrealistic. It’s more about what you achieve and that you see it as your hard work and something to be proud of. You can be happy about what you do and the outcome of it. Just try to lose the constant thinking of perfection and the somewhat toxic elements that it comes with when it’s plastered everywhere. Just be happy with yourself and your life and be proud of you and how far you’ve come.

4) Accept you at your best

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This ties into the one before, but it’s true. The fear that often surrounds the thoughts of overthinking quite often is based on the feelings of not being good enough and having low self-esteem. Feeling like you’re not smart, hardworking or that you’re not doing as well as everyone around you. Once you begin to reliase that you’re only doing what you can at your own pace is when you’ll start to accept yourself for you.

It’s hard to see others excelling and sometimes you’re a bit behind or you’re taking a different route, but that’s ok. It’s ok to take your time to get what you want. It does not mean you’re any less determined, smart or incapable of achieving your goals. Once you’ve put your all into something, accept that and know that you’ve done what you can and be happy with that.

5) Be aware 

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Before you can even learn to cope with the habit of overthinking you need to be able to learn how to be aware of it when it starts. When you begin to feel yourself getting stressed or have a lot of anxiousness, take a breath. Look at the situation you’re in and how you’re responding to it. At that moment you become aware and that’s what you need to use in order to change the mindset.

Like with mental health conditions, when you become aware of them then you can reach out for help and look at ways to help yourself. Just the same with overthinking that first step is to become aware, then to assess what the situation is and move forward from that. Awareness is such an important part of growth and making a change.

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