It’s self-care Sunday and tonight I’m here with a blog all about self-care and why it’s so important. There’s nothing quite like the calming feelings that surround the day that is Sunday. Alongside that, it’s perfect when you decide to spend the day doing some self-care and completely switch off for the day and take the day to relax. Not all of us, have the time to do this but it’s always good to be able to make time for it. It’s so important to be able to invest in self-care and to be able to have at least one day a week where you just stop and you immerse yourself into a carefree day treating yourself. 

Self-care is about being kind to yourself, giving yourself an hour or so just to have time to completely switch off and relax and do what you enjoy. So, when we’re feeling stressed or have had an awful week we can do some self-care to be able to refresh and recharge. Rather than taking on these more self-destructive routes, that are only temporary and often make our emotions a lot worse. Instead, indulging in some self-care will not only make your body feel good but your mind too and that refreshing feeling can last for a good few days. Here are some benefits to do with self-care then at the bottom are a few ideas, that you can try out yourself!

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1) Enhanced self-esteem

When we practise self-care, it enables us to be able to boost our self-esteem and make ourselves feel better. When we invest in self-care we begin to feel ourselves beginning to love ourselves and our bodies because we’re showing them love and apprecation. When we take care of our minds and bodies they do the same for us, when we put them through a lot of stress they react in order to make us feel low.

So, when you’re doing your skin care or whatever you chose to do on your self-care day that will make you feel better, which is why it’s so imporant to carry on doing it. It’s easy to just forget or to be so caught up in everything else that we don’t do it every week or everyday. But it does wonders for our self-esteem, it makes us feel more confident. When we look good we feel good on the inside and even just doing a little pampering can do a whole world of good to how you feel about yourself.

2) Better productivity/creativity 

We always tend to feel more productive once we do things we enjoy or perhaps by organising our weeks or what to wear the day etc. With self-care it gives us that ability to feel more motivated because perhaps if you’re at work and you have something fun planned at the weekend it makes you more productive at work and allows you to smash your week with a positive attitude to enjoy what you have planned at the weekend.

Not only that, but doing some self-care activities before you go to bed and then having an early night. Then being able to get a good nights sleep will boost your producitivity levels by alot. Having that ability to be able to focus on yourself more reduces the effects of stress and anxiety and also has major benefits on your creative abilities. A lot of the time overwhelming ourselves with certain tasks and piling work upon work on ourselves does a lot more harm then good. It stresses our bodies out and we tend to procrastinate and loose focus.

Which is why it’s to important to seperate pieces of work or plan ahead, get a good nights sleep and wake up feeling productive and ready to take on the day. Most importantly giving yourself the self-care you need to be able to let your creative juices flow as well as have the motivation to complete your tasks, leading to a very successful day. It’s also a fact that slowing down can actually make you more productive, because you’re giving yourself time to work through it slowly rather than taking on too much.

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3) Better physical health/mental health 

There are many benefits of self-care when it comes to physical health, one of these is that it boosts your immune system. When you get lots of rest, exercise and perhaps take a hot bath all of these activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System, when this happens it puts your body into a sense of rest mode, giving your body time to relax after a hectic day. The more we add this into our routine, the better we’ll feel. All the time we’re doing this, allows our bodies to have the opportunity to be able to build up these defenses against nasty flus or sickness bugs which most likely attack at our weakest.

With having your body in that relaxed mode, it also means that it’s not going through a load of stress which again helps your phsysical health massively. It also helps you reliase that you’re important and the way you’re feeling is too. Having a body that is well cared for makes you feel good about yourself and the life your living, it gives you more value and more self worth. Even going for a walk is also a great way to get exercise in but still have your body feeling fairly relaxed.

It also has many benefits when it comes to mental health too, in the fact of it has the ability to make your mood feel more uplifted. If you’ve had a bad day and then get into a nice bubble bath after, that will instantly make your mood improve. No matter how you’re feeling, self-care can help you feel better it’s just about learning to do it more frequently and not just as one off. It allows you to have something that will boost your spirits and reduce anxiety. It can also really help the brain focus more when the surroundings are more organised, which is where self-care comes into play. Not only that, but it helps when it’s got something to focus on, something to motivate it.

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4) Prevents distraction

We all get distracted and we all sometimes get distracted by things which then lead us to forget about what’s important or needs to be done. If we’re not taking care of ourselves, it can be really hard to focus on the important things. Which then leads us to being distracted and often procrastinate, when our minds are so filled with stress, worry, concern or anxiety about what is going to be taking place or how we’re going to get through certain situations we become distracted.

When we find it hard to concentrate because we have to much going on in our minds, this then leads to us messing up. This is why it’s so important to be able to focus on self-care in order to keep us focused and to stop us from making mistakes. Whether that’s being more organised so you can complete tasks on time without distractions, whether it’s having a clear out or even just exercising. Without a good self-care plan, distraction will always be looming and we work best when there isn’t any of that around us.

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5) Healthy relationships with ourselves

It’s so important that we have a healthy relationship with ourselves along with friends and family. We can’t go through life having a toxic relationship with ourselves. Constantly putting ourselves down and lowering our self-esteem daily. It’s not the way to live a healthy life, you’re such an important person and it’s in realising that you’ll reliase how much of a benefit having a healthy relationship with your body and mind is.

The truth is when we have a bad relationship with ourselves, it can often impact the one we have with our family and friends. It’s ok to be able to take a day off and take time to just breathe, do something you love. By doing what we love or by simply having a relaxing day it gives us that ability to check in on ourselves. It gives us that ability to be able to make sure we’re doing ok and that we’re happy with what is occurring in our lives. It’s even more important that in these times we’re currently still in that we check in on ourselves and we have a healthy relationship with our bodies and minds.

Ideas for physical self-care: Get a good sleep, eat a healthy diet, prepare some of your favourite meals for yourself, excercise regularly even if it’s just a walk, do some skin care, have a relaxing bath or shower, moisturise your skin, spend time outdoors. 

Ideas for your mental health: spend your time practising mindfulness, put your attention on an activity you enjoy, exercise your brrain, get organised, do something that you’ve been putting off for a while, have a laugh. 

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Pulled together a little mindmap based around self-care and ideas for you! There are so many different things we can do to make ourselves feel better. Whether that be ones for mental health, physical health, just for fun or some more relaxing ones. It's so important to delve into self-care and giving yourself some love.🧡 #selflove #selfloveisthebestlove #selflovejourney #selflovefirst #loveyourself #selflovequotes #selflovewarrior #selfloveclub #selfcare #selflover #selflovery #love #selfloveiskey #selflovesoldier #selflovesunday #selflovecoach #bodypositive #selflovechallenge #selflovetribe #motivation #selflovebootcamp #selflovematters #selfloveproject #selflovemovement #beautiful #positivevibes #selfloveselfie #selfloveadvocate #mentalhealth #instagram

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