Happiness is such a fantastic feeling, it’s one of those that make us feel better about life and ourselves in general. Being able to tap into that happier and more positive mindset gives us the ability to be able to achieve what we want to and helps us be more productive. Happiness looks different for everyone, but despite your vision of true happiness, living a happier and more satisfied life is something we all want to be able to do. Learning to smile that little bit more and believing in yourself more.

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1) It will be easier to believe in yourself

Happiness is such an amazing feeling, it helps us to see the good in life and to be able to keep ourselves motivated to achieve what we want to achieve. There are certainly bad days but there can be really good ones too and it’s important to make sure you do things in your life that will make you happy. Don’t feel like you can’t do certain things because others have a different opinion, if they make you happy then do exactly that. It’s vital to make sure that you do what makes you smile because your happiness means a lot more than you think, it should be such an important aspect of your life and one you don’t take for granted. If something makes you feel good and happy inside, then do that and keep doing it.

Being happy, also comes with the ability to believe in ourselves a lot more, the happier we’re the more motivated we feel and the more belief we have within ourselves. Believing in yourself is such a positive outlook and it really makes you appreciate what you can do and to have that belief. If we tap into that happy feeling and we have that ability to believe in ourselves, that is something that can benefit us massively. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to believe in yourself, but it’s something that is so important. Changing your outlook, what exactly your focus is and facing your fears, learning to live your life to the full, and being able to have that more positive outlook. Learning something new or achieving something you’ve wanted to for a while, can really help you to believe in yourself that little bit more.

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2) Your happiness is one of the most important things in your life 

Feeling happy is something that is so important in anyone’s life, it’s one of those things that we definitely need to understand has a lot more meaning than we think. Being happy and being able to smile, is what makes you feel good. Having that happiness and finding ways to make yourself feel happy and ways you can help yourself when you’re feeling low to pick yourself up again. One of the most important things in life is your happiness, but it’s also very common that we might feel we have to pretend to be or that we have to do certain things to be happy because others do that. But, we all have different things that bring us happiness and that’s totally ok. If something, you love makes you happy, it might not for someone else.

But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, because others don’t or that it doesn’t make them happy, because we’re all different in that respect. Of course, we can’t always be this happy person and that’s ok too. However, when we’re, it’s such a beautiful thing and it’s one of those feelings that make us feel so much better in ourselves. It’s an important aspect of life because it means you’re not having to stress as much and you’re feeling more motivated and productive in general. Not only that, but it can boost your immune system in general, make you feel more creative and give you a more positive outlook on life, helping your relationships with others in the meantime.

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3) Happiness increases confidence 

Of course, happiness increases our confidence and self-esteem massively, it enables us to feel good in ourselves which in turn boosts our confidence. If we feel we’re struggling with self-esteem, when we start to feel happy, we feel like it’s boosted massively because of that feeling in general. Doing what you love, be passionate about what you do. Being passionate in general brings us joy and happiness, not only in your personal life but in your professional life as well. As well, as being passionate within this, this, in turn, boosts your happiness and confidence massively in itself. Confidence is something that many struggles with and it can be very hard to be confident if your self-esteem is very low.

This is why, if you’re feeling happier in yourself, it will help your confidence a lot, not comparing yourself to others, is a much better way to feel happier and have more self-esteem. But, this again can be very difficult to do, because we’re constantly feeling the need to do that. By doing that, it instantly saps our confidence and makes us feel low in general. It’s such a toxic thing to do and sometimes we don’t even realise that. Realising you’re enough is a great way to boost your confidence up and make you feel happier, having that mentality to just say to yourself I’m just going to do it. You have the ability to make yourself feel more confident and boost your self-esteem, be brave and be confident.

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4) Makes you more productive

With happiness, comes the ability to be more productive in what you do. Being able to be productive helps massively in life. It helps us get those tasks we really need to get done and in turn just feel better about what we’re doing. Having that productivity enables us to get things done quickly but also having a better mindset to do so. But, also being productive makes you happier as well, so it works both ways. There are many ways to be more productive, perhaps waking up at the same time every day, doing something nice for yourself, starting each day with a plan, being able to unplug in the mornings and the evening, plan your weeks.

Being able to tap into happiness and productivity, is a great thing, but it’s important to remember to take regular breaks and also prioritise self-care. Make time to spend with yourself, to be able to concentrate purely on self-care and doing what makes you smile. Make time to spend with others, or to do things you enjoy. It’s all good being productive in your work and in general, but it’s also just as important to make sure that you separate yourself from it sometimes and be able to learn to take breaks. Being productive doesn’t have to be tiring if you make sure that you give yourself time to relax in the meantime.

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5) Being happy, helps you want to grow and learn

Being happier, in turn, helps us want to grow and learn because it makes us feel good about ourselves and what we want in life. It helps us to feel we can learn to grow in ourselves and learn new things and give us the motivation to do that. Learning new things is such an important part of life because it enables us to do so much more. It’s a learning curve also, in the sense of we learn from our mistakes and we move past that. Far too often, we have a lot of hurdles that come up in life, that we have to push past and that’s what that happiness feeling does, it enables us to feel we can overcome these obstacles, of course, it takes time, but it’s the matter of knowing you’ll get there.

There is nothing wrong with becoming a better version of yourself, we all have things we want to improve about ourselves. It’s good to be able to grow as a person and have these changes and they’re all totally ok to have. Try complementing yourself a little bit more, try and stop making excuses if that’s something you do a lot, try and not hang onto anger too much because it can really eat away at you, try to practise forgiveness, even though some things can be completely unforgivable, it’s important to understand that you can forgive if you wanted too. Be honest with yourself and others, because it’s better, to be honest than completely lie or beat around the bush too much, that would end up making matters a lot worse.



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Words: Karley Myall