Anorexia Recovery

Is anorexia recovery possible?

Anorexia is a condition where a patient suffers an emotional disorder and there is a firm desire to refuse to eat in order to lose weight. The patient believes that he is too fat and therefore has to lose weight. A patient may need different treatments for anorexia. Below are some of the most common treatments for this medical condition.

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annorexia recovery

Medical treatment
Anorexia can cause many complications. It is therefore, essential to monitor vital signs such as hydration level and electrolytes. In severe cases, the patient should first feed through a nasogastric tube. This is placed in the nose leading to the stomach. A mental health provider may be required to work with other healthcare professionals to manage this medical condition.

Restoring healthy weight
This ensures that the patient’s healthy and correct weight is restored. The patient must first regain the right weight and understand what the proper diet. This is so that he or she successfully recovers from the disease. Behavioral strategies can be developed through therapy with a psychologist to restore the right weight. The patient should also work with a nutritionist to plan adequate meals to meet the person’s calorie requirements. The family of an individual with the anorexic condition can be involved in this treatment so that they can also help the patient succeed.

This treatment can only be given to individuals. However, it may also include the family, or  a group of people affected and concerned. Individual treatment addresses the thoughts and behaviors that contribute to the disease. The person is supported in developing their self-esteem and methods of positive ways are taught. A talk therapy, CBT or cognitive behavior therapy is a common remedy.

Family therapy assumes that family help is required during treatment since the patient can no longer make informed decisions. The family must ensure that the patient has healthy eating habits. Anorexic children who still live with their parents are well looked after with this care. During the group session, a patient can connect with other people suffering from anorexia nervosa.

anorexia recovery

Drugs and medications
Effective medications specifically for treating anorexia have not yet been developed. However, medications to treat depression and other psychiatric conditions are given to patients who have been diagnosed with anorexia and depression or anxiety.

As previously mentioned, individuals diagnosed with anorexia condition can inevitably experience complications if no serious effort is made to treat the condition. In the event of severe malnutrition, medical complications, psychiatric emergencies and other cases, the patient may need to be hospitalized. Even after completing the hospital stay, the patient should continue to receive therapy and receive proper nutrition to promote recovery.

Anorexia can be compared to addiction, where the patient has to face certain challenges that can make treatments unsuccessful. The key is to stay focused and motivated to follow every treatment plan. Therapy sessions should not be skipped. Consultation with the doctor is also required. The patient should not separate from loved ones who extend their love and help improve it.

Anorexia Recovery is Possible!