Exam Stress


Exams can cause a great deal of stress for both young people and adults alike. Whether it’s your GCSEs, your university finals or an exam to help you develop your career, the whole process can result in feelings of anxiety and an inability to concentrate.

Counselling for exam stress is one way to tackle the issues brought on by assessments. My sessions provide you with a secure environment in which to talk through your worries and find useful ways to cope with the pressure.

What to expect


Therapy for exam stress is about identifying the things that trigger your anxiety about assessments and discovering how to manage those feelings. You’ll have space to explore why you are feeling stressed, or to simply express the thoughts and emotions that you are experiencing.

Perhaps you have been predicted certain grades and are struggling to meet your school or college’s expectations, or perhaps you worry about feeling like you’ve failed. My sessions are about enabling you to talk freely without being judged and find ways of coping that work for you. I won’t share any information with parents or teachers without your permission.


Stress management


Together we can ascertain the everyday stress management methods that suit you. It may be simple changes such as eating or sleeping better, taking more breaks or spending time with friends helps, or you may need something more structured such as guided meditation. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to manage exam stress, so focus on what feels right for you.

To book a session or find out more about counselling for exam stress, contact me today on 07510 495791 or email beckywhocares1@outlook.com.

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