Abuse is an extremely difficult thing to open up about. It often raises a multitude of emotions, from pain and anger to guilt and shame. If you feel ready to begin talking about your experiences, my abuse counselling service can offer you the space you need to share your story.

What to expect


Our first session will be a chance for you to decide whether I’m the right person for you to talk to. I understand the feelings that arise from starting to confide in someone, so it’s essential that you feel completely comfortable and safe with me. If you decide to continue with sessions, I’ll provide a space for you to explore your experiences and emotions at your own pace, with no pressure or judgement.


How can counselling for abuse help?


Therapy is a way to process traumatic or distressing events in safety and confidence. It can help you work through painful memories, deal with nightmares or flashbacks, and recover your self-esteem. By attending a series of sessions you can begin to understand your situation, responses and triggers, and to move forward in a positive way.




The information that you choose to share with me will, wherever possible, be kept in the strictest confidence. If, however, I am required to disclose certain details to a court of law, or I believe you are at risk of harm, I have a duty to report this.

To learn more about what counselling for abuse entails, or to arrange some time to talk, contact me on 07510 495791 or email beckywhocares1@outlook.com.

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