1) Get your body moving

The best thing to do when you wake up, is getting your body moving, don’t just lay in bed for hours and hours, no matter how tempting it might be. It’s good to have a bit of time to adjust to waking up, but then getting up and moving your body. Perhaps, grabbing a drink and some breakfast then going out for a long walk before you start your day, to clear your mind and make you feel a bit better. We all know that exercising is great for us not only mentally and physically and it’s a great way to be able to wake up and get your body moving. Making you feel a bit more focused and motivated and giving you that bit of energy that we all need when we wake up.

Go for a walk, clean the house, do some yoga, do a small workout, just anything that will allow you to wake up and do to wake your body and mind up. By exercising in the morning, you’re setting yourself up for a good day, it will also be really beneficial for when you sleep as you’ll be able to sleep a lot better. Exercise also helps reduce stress, depression, and anxiety massively. It will help your metabolism to work faster, tending to burn calories even after you’ve done your workout. Working out in the morning tends to help with building muscles more efficiently. Wake up and have a good stretch and get your body moving to kickstart your day the best you can and motivate you to get what you need to do, done.

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2) Put some lively music on 

This is a great daily habit to get into because everyone loves just singing their favorite song at the top of their lungs. Waking up and playing some music that you know will instantly put you in a good mood and give you that spring in your step, is a great habit to get into. Have a playlist of your favorite music, the songs that make you happy, and put that on every morning to do what you need to do in the morning. Just completely lose yourself in it and dance around the kitchen. Music has the ability to be able to make us feel better. There’s always that song that we love to sing and dance to and completely changes our mood and current mindset.

If you’re looking for music that will make you feel more motivated and give you that little bit more energy, then definitely opt for something that is more upbeat. Actually singing along to your choice of song, helps brain functionality as a whole. So, it’s a great thing to do in the morning, because it also gives your brain a workout when you wake up as well and it’s an enjoyable one. Not only that but music is known to be able to reduce stress levels and just make you feel better overall. Less anxious, less stressed, and being able to get lost in it and take yourself away from the other problems for a little while. If you’ve woken up in a bit of a groggy mood, it can definitely help you feel more lively.

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3) Have a healthy breakfast/hydrate

When we wake up, we don’t always have to reach for the caffeine, which is what most of us do and of course, that’s ok, if that’s something we like to have to wake us up a little. But, it’s good to be able to adapt to having a pint of water, when we wake up, just to kickstart our metabolism. Sometimes, we prefer to opt for the unhealthier breakfasts in the morning if we’re feeling rubbish, but that’s the time we should go for healthier alternatives. Having a healthy breakfast, can really help us feel better and give us that energy we need to be able to take on the day ahead. Having breakfast in the morning helps balance your sugar levels, meaning it helps break down glucose better.

Not only that, but it helps massively with brainpower, encouraging your brain to work better as soon as you eat something healthy. Your brain loves the energy that it gets from food, so it’s sensible to feed it with food that is going to give it energy and not lead you to feel sluggish. Having a filling and nutritious breakfast can help you not to feel the need to constantly snack through the day. It’s not only necessary for the brain but for the body too, helping you feel better mentally and physically. It also helps massively with concentration and productivity in general. If you’re someone who tends to skip breakfast, you might feel yourself getting tired very quickly, which might lead you to feel like you’re crashing, which is why breakfast is so important.

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4) Avoiding your phone for a bit 

We most likely always go for our phones as soon as we wake up, but this doesn’t always have to be the case, if you have your alarm set on it, simply turn it off and pop it down for a little bit. Instead, get up start your day, eat and hydrate and just start your morning, rather than scrolling through your phone. In most cases, it would mean spending hours and hours scrolling through, which means hours of your day are wasted. It’s best that when you wake up, to avoid staring at your phone and instead get on with your day and have your shower and get yourself ready, to avoid falling into the traps of spending hours and hours on it.

It can also put quite a downer on your day because if you read something you’d rather have avoided that means that is going to negatively affect your mood. Which is going to make you feel a lot more anxious and could possibly trigger some stress and anxiety. When we often start to concentrate on what’s on our phones, we often neglect what we actually need to do throughout our days. In a way, it can be quite addicting, meaning many of us could happily spend hours doing it. It’s ok to obviously check it, once you’ve done what you need to in the mornings, but at least you’ve got what you needed to done and you aren’t spending hours scrolling through your phone.

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5) Sit down and plan your day 

Something, that is great to do when you wake up is sit down for a little while and really plan your day. Make sure to write up an easy-to-follow list of things for you to do. Not making it too complicated, or putting way too much on it, so that you end up stressing yourself out. It’s not worth, overfilling it with many different tasks, instead just focus on the ones you need to get done at that current time and the rest can wait. Starting with the most important and as long as you get them done, that’s ok. The worst thing we can do if we’ve got quite a stressful day ahead is bombard it with too many tasks and completely exhaust ourselves. Instead, just make it so it’s easy to follow and make it realistic with what time you have in your day.

Every morning, make it a habit to start writing your routine out, do it as a regular thing and make sure to do it at the same time each day. Meaning you’re in a way, keeping yourself in a routine, which will as well help you feel better and more motivated to take on the day. Jot a few quick ones down, they don’t have to be tasks that are going to take hours and hours, having a few quick ones are always good to have, just to switch it up a bit. Always make sure that throughout your day, you give yourself regular breaks, this is always super important. Don’t give yourself way too much to do as this will make you feel worse and that’s not how you’d want to start your day. Instead, having a clear plan, it will help you to be able to tackle them plans throughout the day.