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1) Clear out the distractions

This is such a great one in terms of trying to find your own passion because often we get so caught up in the many distractions that go on around us. It’s good to be able to learn new things and try and find something you’re passionate about and it makes it easier when you take the step to clear out anything that might be distracting you from doing that. Don’t let your phone get in the way or something you feel could be really distracting you from finding your passion and really focusing on that in particular. Try and get more comfortable, don’t make the place you’re planning or doing something you enjoy, feel uncomfy.

Make sure that you have got room to focus and that your surroundings are allowing you to do that with very minimal distractions. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed then you can always take yourself for a walk, this can often spark the creative mode in your brain, which could really help. It’s good to be able to limit any screen time you might have whilst focusing on something you’re passionate about or when you’re trying to decide what yours could be. Often, social media and screens, in general, can be a huge distraction. Don’t push yourself too much, make sure you give yourself time to have short breaks. If you’re trying to figure out what your passion is, reliase that it can take time for sure.

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2) Be patient

This is an important one, it’s good to know that finding a passion doesn’t just happen overnight, it’s one of those aspects of life that can take a while. Because the whole reason it’s a passion is that you want to be passionate about it and enjoy it. So, it’s good to put time into it, to understand if it’s really for you or not. It’s good to be able to know that these kinds of things take time and that’s completely ok. By being patient it allows you to be able to focus more on long-term goals in general, by being able to focus on the small steps that would in turn lead you to reach the goals. Being patient also allows you to overcome certain emotions that you may go through and make more rational decisions in general.

By being patient can in some ways benefit mental health because it allows you to try and stop worrying about certain things. When it comes to finding a passion, having patience is key as it is one of those things that can take time. Whether your passion is drawing, dancing, singing, cooking anything like that, these things take time to be able to get better and better so a lot of patience is needed. There are many ways in which you can practise to be patient, these being practising mindfulness, making sure to be in the present moment. It’s not a bad trait to practise being patient, as it can help with a lot of challenges in life.

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3) Stay motivated  

One that might be quite difficult, is learning to stay motivated because sometimes it’s very easy to lose that motivation. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to stay motivated especially if things don’t go the way you hope. Finding a new passion can come with many downfalls, so it can be even harder to keep that motivation. Try and not overwork yourself or set up too big of goals and not keep things realistic as this will definitely make you lose your motivation. Make sure that you don’t get too caught up in making sure things are perfect because this isn’t the way to go about planning etc. Definitely,  make sure to focus on keeping motivated to be able to find what you’re passionate about.

When finding a passion, having that motivation behind you can really help when trying to figure out what you want to pursue and actually going for it. Find ways to create a clear vision, if you’re trying to keep a clear mind, it’s so much better to have a real clear vision about where exactly it is you want to go. It also helps a lot to stay on target in general, keeping you motivated and striving for what you want to reach. Try and stay positive as this will help you a lot in trying to reach what you want to by finding out your passion. Really focusing on that clear path that you want to go down to be able to find what interests you.

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4) Try and avoid burnout

This is really important and it’s vital to try and avoid burning out, when you find something you’re passionate about, you can definitely invest a lot of time into it. When it’s something you’re passionate about, it’s good to be able to try and avoid burnout as much as you can. When we have passions, it’s great to be able to invest time into them and to really concentrate on them, but of course like anything it can lead to burnout in general. Having something you are passionate about is something that you can often use as a distraction and to help you in a way escape, so it’s best to try and not get burnt out by the things you enjoy if you can avoid that.

Of course, if you feel yourself going down that road, then definitely take a short break. With finding a passion, it can be quite underwhelming when you feel like you’re trying so hard to find something that interests you and you haven’t been able to. Just make sure that you’re giving yourself time to rest as well and focus on your mental health as well because this can be a major factor as to why you might lead to burnout if you’re not focusing on those things in particular.

5) Step out of your comfort zone 

When finding a new passion, it can be very easy to want to stay in something we know and feel is within our comfort zone, because that is what we’re used to. But, quite often it can be a great benefit to be able to step out of that sometimes and explore other things that we could actually really love, that might not particularly be within our comfort zone in particular. That’s what makes it so great though as you can find so many other activities that you could really enjoy and it expands your knowledge of what you’re passionate about as a whole. It gives you an opportunity to grow, to challenge yourself and to reach for what you want.

It not only does that but it helps you learn more about yourself, by taking these risks and leaving your comfort zone every once in a while. To perhaps find out some more interests, passions, strengths and weaknesses. It helps you expand your creativity, by finding out about something you might have thought you would never even like, but it ends up being something you’re very passionate about. It’s a great confidence booster, if you’re someone who suffers from being confident in themselves, then definitely stepping outside of your comfort zone can make that a lot easier.


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Words: Karley Myall