We’re all still looking at ways we can keep healthy and gyms are still closed and a lot of the time things cost money. Some of us might be wanting to become a healthier person throughout lockdown and are looking for ways we can do that without spending loads and having to wait for gyms to open. Well, there is a heap load of things you can do in order to keep healthy and reach the goals you want. Whether that’s losing weight, gaining weight, gaining muscle or just because you want your mind healthy and your body.

There are so many things that we don’t even reliase we can do or the fact they’re free. You don’t always need to have a massive amount of space or equipment to still be able to have a good workout. Don’t feel embarrassed about how you look, if you’re dancing around your living room. Just enjoy what you’re doing and live in the moment. If you don’t enjoy the workout you’re doing, it can make it really tedious for you. 

1) Take advantage of Youtube

YouTube is absolutely filled with exercises to do, from beginners to advanced and there is always a workout to suit everyone. If you’re just starting with exercising then look for some more low-impact workouts, these can range from walking, jogging on the spot, yoga and if you’re looking for more advanced this could be HIIT, jumping jacks, running. Dance is another form of cardiovascular and is another good workout to do and it’s perfect for beginners or advanced.

Some really great workouts are the low-impact workouts that professional dancer Gina Buber offers. With her channel Up to the BEat Fit and there is a range of amazing workouts. Mainly focusing on dance, but also one mile walks, HIIT and walk and many others. POPSUGAR Fitness is another great one offering things from ab and obliques, dance, HIIT, boxing, pilates and so many more. The best thing about sticking on a YouTube video is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home for free and at whatever time you want and do it at your own pace.

There are so many videos that offer those who are more of a cardio lover the fast pace dancing or HIIT style workouts. For those who prefer to lift or use their body weight to gain muscle, there’s full-body workouts and toning ones that can be intertwined with cardio very easily. If you’re one who loves to listen to fast pace music and dance around your kitchen, then definitely try a dance workout!

2) Walk, walk and walk!

Most of us think when we have to walk it means going outside and walking for half an hour or more. But in reality, you don’t always have to go outside to get your steps in. Whilst it’s fantastic to go outside and get some fresh air, you can do it at home. So, if the weather’s rubbish and you just simply don’t want to go out than that’s ok.

Start by walking up and down your hallway, take a slow walk and then gradually build the pace up and keep walking up and down. If you feel like it, you can jog and then go back to walking which will elevate the heart rate and burn fat quicker. Or simply just walk around your house, it may sound silly but you can do a lot of steps walking around your house and you can burn calories by doing so. Just because you can’t get out for a walk doesn’t mean you can’t walk in your living room.

Not only that but cleaning is another great way to work up a sweat and burn some calories. Even though it doesn’t burn a heap load it still burns some and we always feel better when we have a clean home. It gives us a healthier mind and makes us feel better when are surrounding are clear. This is also a form of walking as you’re taking steps and doing exercise.

3) Stairs

Possibly one of the best exercises to burn calories and have a serious workout is stairs. It may sound silly however it is by far the best workout to do from home, for free and to keep healthy. It’s classed as a vigorous exercise and it actually burns more calories per minute than jogging alone. You don’t always have to go upstairs to burn calories, you can, in fact, burn them going down them too. But, if you want a real good workout going up and down a few times is the best way. Or you can simply step up one step and back down again, still burning calories and engaging all the right muscles.

Not only that but it’s good for your coordination and to practise balancing as you have to stay concentrated in order to climb the stairs. So, when you’re out and about and you question whether to take the stairs or the lift, take the stairs but always be careful. Even if you’re taking small steps and going at a slow pace this still works, you can still do a good workout and burn calories doing it at a lower impact.

You could even add stairs to your daily walk if you’re going somewhere that has a few steps or even a flight of stairs. Add them into your walk, it’s a great way to add intervals into your workout and make it a bit more intense. It will also raise your heart rate and will tone your legs and work your glutes.


4) Use your bodyweight

Using bodyweight is such a great way to gain muscle and it’s free. You don’t have to have a gym membership or a load of weights to start gaining a bit of muscle you simply just need yourself. You can do a lot with your own body weight that will tone your body in whichever part you want to work on. Just make sure to always stretch and then stretch afterwards too, to prevent injury.

Some good exercises to do with your body weight are squats, push-ups, bicycle crunches and the plank which is a popular one for toning the whole body. The great thing about bodyweight exercises is they can be moderated to whatever suits you, so if you don’t think you can do a full-on squat, you can just do it halfway. You can take it at your own speed and work at whatever fitness level best suits you. Then you can work up and get more intense with the exercises which will help build strength and challenge yourself.

You can also intertwine cardio and bodyweight exercises to get an even better workout. Raising the heart rate, burning calories and then building strength at the same time. You could even grab a step and step up and down which is another great workout for cardio and strength and coordination.


HIIT is one of the best exercises to do to keep healthy, they make you sweat and feel amazing afterwards. It involves a variety of short bursts of high-intensity exercise and then it will lower into low impact exercises. It is really time-efficient also as you can literally do a ten-minute one and it works just as good as an hour workout.

HIIT burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time, most of the time it will consist of 20 seconds of maximal effort and then a 40 seconds rest to lower the heart rate. One of the ways HIIT works is that the burning of calories actually comes after you’ve done exercising. Which means that your metabolic rate is higher for hours after which means you’ll burn more.

It can help lose fat, you can gain some muscle during HIIT workouts if you do intervals of high-intensity cardio and then do some bodyweight workouts in between. It can also help with oxygen consumption which gives the muscles the ability to use more oxygen. Make sure to keep hydrated for this one and if you feel like it’s too much just slow it down.