A new year is approaching, which means time for new resolutions. Perhaps a fitness journey is something that you’re currently doing or are looking into doing for the new year.

Starting your fitness journey again in the new year after Christmas can be hard, it’s the time we will most likely indulge in a lot more food then normal, it’s hard to find the motivation to start back up, but once you do, you’ll feel motivated to carry on and reach your goals!

Here are 5 ways to help get you back on track:

1) Don’t be so hard on yourself

One of the most common reasons why people give up with their fitness journeys is they’re just to hard on themselves.

But what we have to remember is nobody is perfect and we’re all bound to fall off track sometimes whether that be skipping the gym, over indulging, or make excuses. We have to learn to forgive ourselves, be kind to ourselves and to most importantly love ourselves. Starting a fitness journey is so challenging and there will be times were you will mess up, but there’s always an other day to put it right.

2) Recognise your excuses

Don’t let excuses rule your journey. Once you start coming up with one excuse, it’ll be a never ending cycle of putting it off. Saying i’m too tired, I’m too busy, I don’t have the time….

Yes, life can get in the way sometimes and it can be very hard to find the time to exercise, or perhaps you’ve worked a long shift and you don’t want to have to come home and exercise, we’ve all been there.

But there are ways to help yourself, if you have to work, schedule your routine to early morning and just wake up earlier, if you know you’re going to be busy, plan your week, put your workouts on days when you haven’t got a lot planned, remember you don’t have to workout seven days a week to achieve your fitness goals!

3) Set yourself short term goals

Don’t expect to loose one stone in a week, because that’s just ridiculous and unhealthy, set yourself short term manageable goals.

For example loosing 7lbs in three weeks is an acceptable and healthier way of achieving weight loss. Perhaps you do not drink enough water, so for a few days drink 3 glasses then slowly up that to 5 or 6 and by the end of the week it’ll be a habit to drink the right amount of water. Eat more vegetables set a goal if you eat vegetables 6 days a week then on the day off you can treat yourself. Say to yourself you’ll keep up with cardio and strength for a month and stay on your feet for as long as you can. Get a planner and write your goals in it, it’ll motivate you more to carry on.

Just make sure your goals are possible and if it motivates you treat yourself at the end!

4) Know your weaknesses

There are ways you can prevent setting yourself up for failure. It’s ok to indulge every so often, in proportion that’s ok. But when you make it every single day, that’s when it becomes a problem. If you’re having a cheat day than it’s ok to eat the foods you want and cherish them, but if you’re having a day were you need to be on track, hide away whatever will make you want it.

So perhaps, if you like to snack on crisps, chocolate etc when you’re relaxing, make sure you don’t have any nearby buy fruit, nuts, yogurt etc or just drink some water it’ll make you feel better and less exhausted. If you’re going out for food with a friend, don’t be afraid to eat out, it’s ok. You can still enjoy yourself and eat good. Just go for lighter options, substitute your fizzy drink for water, perhaps look at the menu before you go. It’s ok to go to a restaurant or fast food places to eat, whilst they’re still relatively unhealthy, the fact you’ll have the will power to pick the healthier options, proves you’re serious about your fitness journey.

Just know it’s ok to mess up, but know your weaknesses and know how you can prevent yourself from falling of track.

5) Look back at pictures and know how far you’ve come

The best part about loosing weight is seeing the outcome and getting compliments from those around you, but it’s not only how you look on the outside it’s how your body feels too.

Every journey starts with a goal weight and deciding how long it’ll take to get there. It can be months, even years, it’s not a quick process it takes time and if you do it the healthier way the weight will actually stay off. So no matter how far you’re into it just know you still started it and you’ve come so far.

Keep an album on your phone name it ‘weight loss’ put pictures in it every couple of weeks, then compare how you are now to how you was then and you’ll see a difference. You won’t just notice it in the way you look, but in the way you feel, you’ll feel happier, less tired, more motivated. Start an Instagram account document your journey, it’ll motivate you when you see how you’ve changed and it’ll also motivate others. Don’t just focus on the scale to tell you how you’re doing, because chances are sometimes it’s wrong.

When you fall off, just remember you’ve come this far for a reason and even though you might of messed up, don’t let that be the end of your journey!



Student Journalist