As the world is slowly beginning to go back to normal, it’s definitely one of those times where many of us might be feeling a little more insecure than normal. After all, we’ve spent a long time stuck in our homes, not being able to socialise. A lot of people suffer from body image as a whole and with that comes a lack of confidence, something that could be bringing that on, even more, is the fact that we’re slowly beginning to go back to normality. But, it’s important to know that it is totally ok to feel this way, we all have bad days and days where we’re constantly picking out our flaws but then sometimes we have days where we feel really good. 

Something, that may be playing on your mind is the world beginning to go back to normal and the thought of socialising again can be quite daunting. But, you’re in no way alone in how you feel because everybody is most likely feeling exactly the same way. Confidence and body image are a massive part of our daily lives, we all strive to feel good in ourselves and there is nothing wrong with that. But, something that can be quite toxic on yourself is the idea of wanting to ‘perfect’ or seeing people around you that you feel are the definition of that. But, in reality, no one is perfect and it’s important to see that. So, if you’re feeling anxious about your body image and even more so, with life returning to normal. Here are 5 tips that will hopefully be able to help you feel a little bit better.

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1) Express gratitude towards your body

Our bodies do an insane amount for us, we put them through hell sometimes, and often that has a huge impact on the way we feel mentally and physically. It’s important to learn to show gratitude to our bodies, it allows us to live our lives and it enables us to feel all kinds of emotions but it also helps us learn to check in on them and learn what triggers them. Don’t pile it up with a massive amount of stress, instead, give yourself time to chill out and to be able to have certain days where you switch off a little bit more than others. Keep your body moving, keep it being productive and let the creative juices flow. But don’t get to a point of burnout, make sure that you’re taking care of your body and it will certainly thank you for that. Our bodies do so many amazing things and we often don’t realise just how much they do, so it’s important to treat them right.

Fuel them with the right foods, drink plenty of water, do regular exercise, make sure to check in on your emotions, and don’t let emotional baggage pile up massively. Don’t make exercise purely about looking good and getting this perfect figure, make it about feeling good in yourself and making you feel less anxious and happier. Focus it more on the idea of feeling better mentally and physically. Make sure you show your body appreciation by treating it right. Invest in a load of self-care, give yourself half an hour a day or more to just really connect with yourself more, perhaps meditation, something that puts your body and mind in a more relaxed state. Giving yourself time to just switch off, allowing your body and mind to focus on something else and to put all your concentration into feeling more relaxed.

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2) Take care of yourself

One of the biggest things we need to learn to do is take care of ourselves, it makes us feel better instantly if we know that we’re taking care of our minds and bodies. Overall, helping ease these feelings of anxiousness, to ensure that we feel that little bit more confident. By exercising regularly and eating healthily, it means you will feel better in yourself. Working out, being able to set certain goals, is what will motivate you to continue to keep doing what is best for you and makes you feel healthier. By doing this solidly for you, making yourself feel better and healthier overall will you give you a massive confidence boost. By doing this it will help you feel better mentally and physically, which will then help your self-esteem and means you won’t feel as anxious. Of course, take your time with the exercise and don’t go overboard. Don’t feel like you have to push yourself into this massive exercise routine, it can literally just be going for a daily walk, which will make you feel better in itself.

It can be quite challenging learning to balance what you need too. But, it’s something that will take practice, but in turn be really beneficial for you, making you feel better in yourself and most importantly making you love yourself that little bit more and have this confidence about you and more self-esteem. Taking care of yourself is so important if you want to be able to be happier and feel better in yourself. Quite often, when we neglect ourselves we can often see our moods deteriorate and this can be when the anxiousness in regards to body image can come into play. Putting more time into taking care of yourself, is what makes you feel more confident in yourself because you’re putting in that time to make yourself feel that way. Regular exercise, a good diet, a good sleep pattern, staying hydrated, good hygiene, and just, in general, looking after yourself.

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3) Don’t get caught up in this idea of perfection

Something we’re all really guilty of is getting caught up in this idea of perfection, where we feel we have to look a certain way to feel like we’re accepted. The idea of perfection is merely a reality and more so just an idea, some of us might feel we need to aim for this idea of perfection but the truth is it will only let you down in the long run. We waste so much time getting caught up in what we could look like or how we should look, that we often really neglect ourselves and make ourselves fall out of love with who we truly are. Because this idea of perfection takes over. We see magazines, billboards, movies and the biggest one nowadays is social media in itself, portraying what is considered this ‘perfect’ body, and we get fixated on that. Every picture you see like that is most likely edited. We lose sight of who we’re because we get so obsessed with this idea of perfection, which makes us lose our self-esteem and confidence overall.

When we get so attached to this idea of wanting to be perfect, it means that sometimes we might feel we have to go to extreme measures to achieve that. When in fact, we’re fine just the way we’re, but because this idea of perfection is everywhere, we feel we have to follow that. It makes us fall out of love with ourselves in the process. Now, the world is slowly going back to normal, you might feel a bit uncomfortable around other people, which might make you feel less confident. But, just reliase that no one is perfect and if people try and come across like that, it’s certainly not something that is real, often it’s something that is hidden behind a mask. Perfection is just something we see way too often, which is why we believe it to be true and believe it to be some kind of reality, but it’s certainly not. It’s something that can actually be quite toxic on yourself if you keep wanting to be that kind of person. Reliase your worth and don’t lose yourself over an idea that is not reality.

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4) Boost your own confidence

This one is a great one because for some of us we rely solidly on others to give us that little confidence boost we need. Whilst, that’s ok and there’s nothing wrong with that, we should also allow ourselves to be able to pick our confidence up. Allow yourself to be able to accept compliments from others, but don’t let this be something that forms your confidence overall. Ultimately, confidence is going to be something that comes from yourself, you are the one in control of how you confident you feel. Of course, it’s lovely to have reassurance from others, but you want to also look and feel good on the inside too and that can only really stem from yourself. Give yourself that confidence boost you deserve, make yourself feel good, let yourself shine, and feel amazing in yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others, it’s not worth the toxicity you put yourself through doing exactly that.

Taking care of yourself is also another way to help boost your own confidence. Make sure that you also be kind to yourself, recite positive affirmations, learn to fall in love with the flaws, and learn to love yourself more and more every day. Don’t feel like you need someone in your life, to make you feel good, learn to do that for yourself. Use positive self-talk, rather than telling yourself you don’t like how you look, instead say things like I love this outfit, or my hair looks so good today. Turn the things you would normally say to yourself in a negative light, into something positive. Stop always focusing on the bad things you don’t like about yourself, start focusing on the good, and if there are things you can improve on then do so but don’t do it in a way that makes you be harsh on yourself.

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5) Go easy on yourself 

Something about confidence and feeling good in ourselves doesn’t happen overnight. Throughout this past year, we’ve all been stuck in our houses, probably not taking as good care of ourselves as we should be. But, sometimes life just doesn’t go our way and it’s ok to feel this way, it’s definitely ok to feel worried about going back into the real world after living like this for so long, to a point this feels like the new normal. Of course, we all wish that every day we could feel good in ourselves, but it’s something that doesn’t happen every day. Some days we feel powerful and amazing in ourselves and others we’re picking apart every little thing we want to change. But, with everything that has gone on it’s important to just go easy on ourselves in general, don’t push yourself too hard to be confident, and feel good in yourself. Don’t feel because we’re going back to normal you have to make drastic changes before that does happen.

Go at your own pace, so many people have most likely struggles throughout this past year with appearance and feeling good in themselves and are most likely feeling even more anxious about it as normality sets in. So, it’s important to realise you’re also not alone in any of this. It’s important to do what you want to do to make yourself feel good, to give yourself that confidence you need and to be able to feel good in your body but only do it for you and that is such an important statement. Don’t feel you have to change who you’re for anyone. It’s vital that you do it for yourself because if you learn to build yourself up and give yourself that confidence you need, you’ll be a very powerful person. Take it easy on yourself, don’t feel like you have to dive into the deep end right away, take it slow, do it at your own pace. Confidence is something we all have to work on, it doesn’t always come naturally and that’s totally fine.


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