Something we all have is confidence, whether or not we actually embrace it or neglect it, we still have ways to feel more confident.

Having confidence doesn’t mean you’re vain or full of yourself, it simply means you’re content with who you’re. You’re confident because you feel good in yourself and how you look and having confidence is something that is vital in order to live a more positive life. But, it’s not only about that it’s feeling confident to take on certain situations, starting a new job or trying out a new hobby.

Being able to feel good in yourself, is what makes you feel happy and feel more positive about not only yourself but your life in general. A lot of people tend to struggle to find confidence.

By not having confidence, this can lead to low self-esteem and also going down the route of negative self-talk, feeling bad about yourself constantly and putting yourself down. Which is why, confidence is so important, by letting that confidence ignite you’re doing wonders for your mental and physical health.

A great starting tip to trying to become more confident is to push through those beliefs that we once heard as children, that we could do anything. But, sometimes that is not always the case and as we get older we lose that enthusiasm.

Through this we then start thinking about our own beliefs, circling what we think we can and can’t do. By pushing through those beliefs we once had, it leads us on to grow as people, to be able to gain confidence in those things we want to pursue. Begin, to push through certain situations that would usually make you feel uncomfortable. Once you have that confidence, you’ll be surprised with just how much you can accomplish.

Keep connected with yourself, talk to yourself because when you’re trying to gain your confidence back that’s what’s important. You’re the only person who can really bring it back and embrace it once again. It makes you smarter, improves your memory and helps you focus.

You can also from there begin to feel more confident, to be able to go into that positive self-talk instead and banish away the negative. Rather than seeing things as a problem, you begin to see them as a challenge and find ways to make it work.

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By thinking positively you can then begin to feel more confident, we are often very negative and this can be quite the burden. You can start to write down the negative thoughts that spring upon you, then instead write down some more positive thoughts to counter every one of the negative ones you have.

It’s ok to have bad experiences and bad emotions, don’t always suppress negative thoughts. Don’t go into too much depth with the negative emotions, instead of label them for what they are and move on from that.

If you spend your time thinking too much into it that’s when it becomes more powerful. This comes into play with confidence, rather than focusing on what you did wrong too much, focus on what went right and know there is always room for improvement.

When it comes to talking about your appearance and feeling more confident within that, there are many ways that can help significantly. Start by just simply grooming yourself, have a nice shower, trim your beard, do some skin-care, moisturise your skin, things like that.

These little types of self-care do so much for your mind and body and make your confidence shine. Pick an outfit you feel good in, don’t just stay in your PJs or sweats all day, get dressed into something that when you put it on you feel confident. Clothes can make us feel good or they can do the opposite.

Make sure you’re wearing an outfit that makes you fall in love with your body and the way you look. Another key tip to boost your confidence is to simply just smile, it works tremendously. If you smile, you’ll feel better, that kind of smile where your cheeks hurt.

You will also find that it will help you feel kinder to others as well if you smile more. It’s such a simple thing but it does a world of good. Empowering yourself is another way of boosting your confidence significantly.

We all have something we have on our to-do list for way too long, them things we keep putting aside that constantly lead us into procrastination. Rather than having that, instead of ticking off the things. Have a day to go through your list and slowly do each task, this will make you feel a lot better in yourself.


Something else that we tend to not do, shows ourselves kindness. To appreciate our bodies and what they do for us, self-kindness is so important and is a great tool to help you boost your confidence. By treating yourself with kindness, you then enable yourself to be able to help when you make a mistake or experience a setback. Speaking to yourself negatively, won’t motivate you.

Often body language says a lot about a person, it can show that they don’t really care, that they’re upset or distressed, that they’re happy, or super confident. You can tell a lot about a person through their body language. Use body language to express your confidence, then this will make you feel good. Make eye contact, shake your head firmly and stand up straight.

Take pride in all you’ve achieved, we often forget to give praise to ourselves, but no matter how big or small it should be celebrated. By doing this you’re enabling yourself to be more confident and to be proud of what you’ve achieved. It’s not a bad thing to be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Another way to feel confident in your self is to love yourself first before you love someone else. By learning to appreciate yourself first and feel more confident that way it will help you in terms of relationships.


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