While it’s normal to get nervous about perhaps a life change or an event. We all experience that sudden overwhelming feeling of being anxious. It’s that feeling were you’re walking through a busy street and you’re surrounded by people, were your heart beats out of your chest and your start to shake, your start to pant and you feel like you’re not in control of your body. It’s not just a feeling you can just ‘shake off.’

Trying to calm down when you’re feeling anxious, is important. Even though it can be difficult, when the overwhelming feeling of anxiety takes over. Here are five tips to help you try and feel better when the anxious feelings hit.

1) Stay in your time zone

Depending on how your anxiety affects you, a common problem is that it gets worse when you begin to think about the future. Rather then thinking about what happened in that particular day, you’ll worry about what could happen in weeks or even months to come, which can cause worry and a lot of stress. It’s them sleepless nights because you’re constantly worrying about what could happen or what if you don’t do something right. It’s thinking about a scenario over and over again, until you decide that you don’t want to do it and you prefer to just hide away.

The best thing to do is just breathe, think that once it’s done it’s done. If it’s something that’s really out of your comfort zone, like perhaps a job interview or something similar. Just think to yourself, I’ve got this and just try not to overwhelm yourself, because the calmer you’re the better you’ll feel about the whole situation. Don’t let your anxiety be the burden in your life, show it that you’re the boss. Worrying about things that aren’t even happening in that present day, is not worth it.

2) Question your thoughts

Most of the time when people are anxious, their brains will begin to start coming out with all sorts of ideas that are unrealistic or will not happen. These thoughts heighten when an individual’s already in an anxious state. Ask yourself questions, ask yourself is this worry realistic? If you think about it most of the time it’s not and it’s just your anxious state of mind taking over. What might i do to prepare for whatever might happen? This is a good question to ask in pretty much any scenario, planning is something that could help you feel more relaxed, especially when it’s something that makes you feel overwhelmed.

Say if you’re going to a job interview, or somewhere different. Plan how you’re going to get there, look at it the night before, look at times and what bus or train you can get. If you do this, it’ll make your day go smoother and will not make you panic and get yourself in a state before you get to the place you need to be, if you know how to get there, it’ll save you a lot of stress for the day. Can I get through this? Of course you can.

3) Reward yourself

Another thing is give yourself a reward, no it’s not stupid to say that. Anxiety is a big deal, getting through anything that’s out of your comfort zone and something that makes you feel awful is a big deal and one that should be rewarded. Say to yourself if i get through this, than i’ll order my favourite food or  i’ll go and get a new outfit. It’ll make you feel better for even getting through it and then rewarding yourself, will make you feel so much better mentally.

If you’ve made that call you’ve been dreading, if you’ve gone to something you didn’t want too, reward yourself. It’s safe to say, when we know there’s something at the end that we enjoy, it tends to put a spring in our step and it makes you push through and that’s what you need, something to get you through those anxious times.

4) Face your fears

This may sound silly, as that’s something you’re trying to step away from. But in all honesty it’s true, most of the time with anxiety it’s being scared of facing our fears, scared how they’ll make us feel and what the outcome will be. But actually putting all that to one side and facing your fears, could be beneficial in terms of it might not be as bad as you thought. You may think about doing something and it makes you feel scared, but then you actually do it and enjoy it.

Anxiety tries to push us away from pretty much anything and makes us just want to stay in and be alone. But when you actually put the anxious feelings aside and do what you didn’t want too, that’s when you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something and that’s so important. If you panic about doing something and then decide that you need to do it again, the feeling of being scared will fade away and you’ll realise that it’ll be fine.

5) Talk to someone!

Don’t ever feel like you need to deal with it alone, anxiety is a big deal and it can literally take over our lives in many ways and make everything feel so much worse than it is and it’s a horrible feeling. The best thing to do is talk to someone, share your feelings and your fears. Just remember that someone will always be willing to listen whether that’s family, your partner, friends, teachers etc.

But there are always support groups, counsellors, doctors that can help you if you need someone experienced to try and help you put them anxious feelings aside and not let it take over your life. There is always a solution to trying to make you feel better, it’s a lot to deal with reaching out to people you don’t really know, but again that’s something that when you overcome it, you’ll feel happier in yourself.

Remember when them feelings come, breathe, think positive, push through and beat it. You can get through it and that’s what matters. 

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