Something we’re all going through at the moment is changing and trying to adapt to this new way of life because we simply do not know just how long this is going to last. So a lot of us are having to put ourselves through these changes. When this all comes to an end and normality begins to sink in again, the way we live our lives after this will be very different to what we’re used to as there will most likely be many precautions we have to follow for a while to ensure that we can live safely.

So if you’re one of those people that don’t do well with change this will be an incredibly tough time for you. Perhaps after this, you may have to find a new job, having to have your education online, going to school and having to be socially distanced, being away from friends and family, public gatherings will be difficult, it won’t be as easy to travel, having that constant fear and anxiety and so much more.  There are so many changes that will be happening and it can often be hard to cope with it and be able to adjust. Here are 5 ways to help you deal with change:

1) Acknowledge that things are changing

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With everything going out right now, most of what is happening we can’t control ourselves. Sometimes we often get so caught up in what’s changing that we don’t give ourselves time to deal with it. We deny the changes, but the thing is things are changing and once you say to yourself that they’re and that’s ok is when you’ll finally feel yourself being able to relax again. Quite often just accepting what’s going to happen is a lot easier than putting it off.

We go through changes and that just what happens in life, sometimes they’re for the better sometimes for the worst and the way in which we’ve all had to really get our head around the current situation is something that will be difficult and give us a heap load of anxiety because we never truly know what’s going to happen. But we have to accept that change is happening and things are changing day in day out and whatever happens after all this there are still going to be parts of our lives that have to adapt to these changes.

2) Be patient 

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We’re all pretty impatient at times, we’re all angry or upset and filled with emotion and change can really heighten the emotions. When changes are made, it can take a while to adapt to them and really get your head around the whole process. When they’re ones out of your control, it may often make you feel worried and impatient but the best thing to do when dealing with any changes is just be patient even though it is so difficult.

So if you feel like the changes you’re going through are tough and they’re getting you down and your emotions are up and down just practise to be patient. You won’t see differences overnight, it’s going to take time as everything does. You can’t suddenly lose heap load of weight overnight in a healthy way, it’s going to take a fair few months to do that and that’s what happens. Things take time, just like it takes time for these changes to persist and for us to learn how to take them on.

Making sure you’re patient, will not only make you feel better mentally because you’re not stressing yourself out so you’ll feel a lot calmer about the situation but your body will thank you for it too.

3) Write what’s positive about the changes 

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There are so many negativities that have come with this dreadful time, but something it has given us is time, time to reconnect with ourselves and breathe, time to spend with our loved ones and to not take anything for granted. It’s made us have the time to ourselves and to be able to get all the things we’ve wanted to do for a while completed.

Maybe you decided to take up running, changing your diet, getting more sleep, finding a new hobby, you found out what was more important in life to you, you gave yourself some self-love, you made sure that you ticked everything off your to-do list, you became closer to your family, you bettered yourself. There are so many positives that can come out of such negatives and even though the times we’re facing right now are incredibly tough and upsetting. Just think about the way it may have changed your perspective on life.

The worst thing to do right now is thinking about what you could have done, or how you could have been better or really focusing on the negatives. Instead, write down what has changed and whether that is positive and how it’s impacted you.

4) Give yourself a break 

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In a time where the world is constantly changing, where everything feels rather surreal, it may feel like it’s impacting you a lot. You may feel like you’re physically not living up to the expectations you want to be, but the truth is that’s ok because it’s hard to do any of that right now.

Remember you’re not like everyone else, some people may look like they’re doing better than you or getting through it in a different frame of mind then you but honestly, you’re you and you’re only human. We all cope with change and other challenges in life differently, we all have different ways of coping mentally. You don’t have to be at your best every single day, it’s ok to have off days and them days where you just want to switch off from the world.

So rather than giving yourself a hard time, rather than beating yourself up because you stayed in bed all day in your pj’s or you didn’t do the work you was supposed to or you simply don’t feel yourself. It’s ok to have bad days, no one is positive 24/7 and if they’re it’s most likely a facade. So just give yourself a break, realise tomorrow is a new day, give your body that time to adjust and rest if it needs it. The more stress you put yourself under the more your body is impacted, so remember to not only take care of your mind but your body too.

5) Seek support 

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Something like change can take a real effect on your mental and physical health. If you’re someone that suffers from anxiety, change can be incredibly daunting. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness it’s a sign of strength.

The best people to ask for advice if you feel comfortable in doing so is your family or friends confide in someone that you feel you can trust. If you feel like just talking isn’t working for you then don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional counsellor or a GP.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed about the changes you’re facing, or if there’s far too much happening at once. Change is something that can get you down and affect how you feel, so don’t feel like it’s not a good enough reason to get help.

If you’re looking for any online counselling whether you’re a parent and you’re looking for your children, you yourself need it or your a student or anyone that is struggling at this time, then please do not hesitate to contact Becky, you can access contact details here. Check out the website for more information and what there is to offer.

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