We all get them, sometimes a lot more then we expect. Its them days where we feel like we’d rather stay in bed and not do anything or talk to anyone. It’s the days where we know we have so much to do, but instead we do nothing. Its them days where its so gloomy outside and all it does is rain. Its where our mental health has deteriorated the past few days that we need to just take a break from everything and have one day to just relax, but often it can be that we’re so depressed, we choose to do nothing. 

The days where we just aren’t feeling like ourselves, where nothing goes our way and work keeps piling up and there’s so much to do but there’s zero motivation, we all have them. But thankfully there are ways in which we can help ourselves feel a little more cheery on them bad days.

1) Get outside

It may sound like a cliche, but its something that can really help pull you out of the ‘pit’ when you feel so low. You don’t have to walk for miles on end, even if its just a quick stroll around the neighbourhood or just popping over to the shop, getting fresh hair will help clear your mind and might actually make you feel more motivated. Any kind of exercise helps our mood and walking is one that is easy and free. You don’t have to buy expensive equipment or a gym membership, you just need a good pair of shoes and some headphones and you can walk the bad mood away.

If you don’t fancy going on your own, ask a friend or family member to come with you, if you have a pet, take them out! Sometimes going with someone else can make it more enjoyable and it gives you a chance to talk about how you’re feeling.

2) Make a ‘to do’ list

Jot down a few tasks you need to do today, whether that be around cleaning or catching up on work or getting groceries. Start of by listing some tasks to do through out the day start of small and don’t make it to hard on yourself. For example if you have an 2,000 word essay due but you still have time to do it, don’t overthink it, don’t go today I’ve got to write 1,500 words, because if you think that you will procrastinate. Say to yourself instead, i’ll write 500 today, 500 tomorrow etc and then the day before, make sure it reads well and is sent in. Give yourself time to prepare and even though it may not seem like you’re doing everything in one day, you’ll be thankful for doing it, as it will make you less stressed which means you’ll be able to take more time writing the essay.

If the work load is getting you done, plan out when you’re going to do certain pieces of work, how long you want to spend on them and when you will do them, don’t bombard yourself with all the work you have to do in one day, spread it out and let yourself breathe a bit!

If its cleaning, start of with things that are simple, so putting a load of washing in, taking the bins out, doing some washing up. The tasks don’t have to be overwhelming, if you’re having one of them days and your mood isn’t great, adding to much to do can often lead to it getting worse and then you just completely giving up on what you were doing. So start of small, even if you don’t do everything on your list, ticking as you go, will make you feel better as you’ve accomplished something even if you were not feeling up to it, like if all you do is go and get groceries, you’ve done it!

3) Clean your surroundings

This is slightly different to the typical house clean, but this is something that can actually help settle your mind and make you feel more productive.

If you’re bedroom is messy, then your mind will be too, it will make you feel lazy and will make you feel like staying in bed, because of the amount of mess that is going on around you. But just by cleaning your room, you’ll feel more relaxed and your mind will feel more productive and motivated. You will know where the important resources are once you’ve cleaned up, keeping your surroundings tidy will let you know what you have and where it is.

Even though sometimes cleaning a room is the last thing on our minds, with a little determination by doing this it’ll help us think better and hopefully lift us out of the unhappy mood and might actually make us more productive.

4) Baking!

Honestly, we all love baking surely? Baking is honestly a life saver when it comes to feeling low and moody, even if you’d much rather procrastinate, chucking on that apron and getting out the recipe book, will make you feel so much better. It doesn’t matter if you ‘can’t’ bake because you’ll learn, but the truth is we can all do these things, we just think we can’t. So whether its cookies, cake, bread, cheesecake or whatever gets you in mood.

Don’t be afraid to just bake until your hearts content, there’s nothing better than the smell of homemade bread in the oven or licking leftover cake mix of the spoon, baking just makes you feel good and it cheers you up, knowing you’ve made your favourites and you can enjoy them in peace.

Remember, you don’t have to do it alone, invite someone around and have fun and make some marvellous creations together!

Be sure to check out this for 30 quick and easy baking recipes!

5) Socialise!

Sometimes, when these days occur we prefer to go through them alone, but on the other hand, it may be that we’d like someone with us for a little pick me up. So invite someone around, if that will make you feel better. Whether it be shoving on your favourite movies, playing video games or just having someone around to talk too.

You don’t always have to stay inside, even though when these days hit, we’d rather just stay inside and not go out, it could help us to get out the house and do something more entertaining. So that could be going out for food, going to the cinema, going to the zoo (animals always cheer us up, lets be honest!) or just going round to a friends house for a change of scenery.

If you find that no one is free on that day, then except that this is what happens, we all get busy at times and not to overthink the situation. Instead, call them when they get free time, it may just be that their busy for that moment but will be free later on.

6) Have a good old laugh or cry

This may sound strange, but ever heard the term ”maybe you just need a good old cry?” well its true! Sometimes, when life gets on top of us we just want to cry it out in peace and then after it makes us feel better, just because we cry doesn’t mean we’re weak, sometimes everything can get to much and crying is our only way of coping with it, that’s ok. If you feel like you need to just let it all out, stick on a sad movie and grab some chocolate and the tissues and just have a cry, we all need one at some point.

But on the other hand, maybe you just don’t feel the need to wallow in a sad movie, but instead feel like you need a laugh, then grab the popcorn and stick on something funny or cheesy to get you giggling, a movie that will make you laugh so much it hurts, that’s the kind of movie you need to pull you out of that mood.

Movies are a great way to express emotions, whether we need to cry, laugh or just simply smile. The right movie can do just that!

7) Listen to music

Funnily enough, similar to movies. Music has an impact on us, that sometimes can’t be explained. I’m pretty sure everyone listens to music and has at least one song they love. Whether its a song that brings back memories, a song that makes you shed a few tears or simply one that you love hearing at parties or a classic that you love to listen to whilst cleaning up, we all have a song that can either bring out happiness or the sadness.

The best things to do in this scenario, is listen to songs that bring back great memories, a song that when you hear it you smile, a song that has a very special meaning, or even perhaps one you haven’t hard in so long that it feels great to hear it again.

Music is a great way to heal a troubled mind, when we’re feeling low, something as simple as the right song can put us back on track again.

Remember that It’s just a bad day not a bad life!



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