Most of the time we all have trouble loving our bodies. Whether that’s down to low self-esteem or a past comment, self love is so important and it’s something we forget to do. But there are many ways that we can make our bodies appreciate us more. You only get one shot at life and now is your time to love yourself, love your life and make a difference.

Here are 7 ways that will help you and your body become happier and healthier. 

1) Workout to feel good; not to burn calories.

Don’t just focus on burning calories, spending hours at the gym and doing obscene amounts of exercise. It’s about taking yourself on a walk to clear your mind, going for a run in the morning. It’s not about trying to burn of that pizza you ate the night before. Exercise is key to a healthy mind and a positive life, but over doing it with the mind set of ‘I want to burn calories’ will wind up with you most likely hating exercise and draining yourself. Don’t feel like you have to work out because burning calories is the only way you’ll loose weight. You have to love and respect your body and you can’t do that when you’re putting it into overdrive.

2) Eat good food but don’t be afraid to let in the ‘naughty’ foods.

It’s easy to slip up when trying to eat healthy. A healthy balanced diet is key for  a healthier body. The food you put into your body is the fuel to keep you going. If you constantly feed yourself junk food, the outcome will be that you will feel lethargic. A car can’t run well without good fuel, that’s exactly the same as our bodies. But just because you eat healthy all week doesn’t mean you can’t eat the foods you want. No one should ever feel like they have to deprive themselves from the foods they love, it’s not going to ruin your progress by treating yourself to that slice of cake or that pizza. In fact it will put your mind at ease because you have given in and let yourself eat the food you desire. Just remember, nutrition plays a big part in how your body will treat you in the future so drink water, eat veggies, fruit and nuts. But learn to live your life and embrace the foods that are your favourites just don’t do it everyday.

3) Make time for yourself.

Life can be stressful, it can get on top of us all of the time. Which is why we all need to take some time to ourselves, put everything on hold for a while concentrate on making ourselves feel better. It’s nice to be able to take a break from reality when we feel like it. Taking the time out of your day to care for yourself, will work wonders and you will feel great afterwards. There are many ways you can concentrate on just you. Have a bubble bath, do yoga, listen to your favourite songs, put on a face mask, watch your favourite films, have a duvet day or bake something yummy! Just breathe and take a break from everything that’s going on around you, relaxation is key to a healthier mind and your body will love you for it.

4) Drink lots of water!

Water is a vital part to anyone’s day. Something so simple as having a glass of water can have huge health benefits that your body will love. Your energy levels will increase, you won’t feel like you have to sleep near enough all the time, you won’t constantly put off going out. Your memory will improve, your brain is so dependent on fluid so that it can work properly. You will be able to focus more. It’s bound to have happened once, were you’re concentrating on something and your mind just goes for a little wander and two hours later you finally get back to what you was supposed to be doing. According to research published in the journal ‘Nutrients’ ”mild dehydration interferes with brain processing and breaks down the ability to focus.” Your skin and hair will look fantastic and your mood will lift. You don’t always have to drink plain water, adding a little sparkle and flavour has exactly the same benefits and tastes so much better.

5) Don’t compare yourself to everyone else.

Social media is the platform that can really get us down about the way we look. We see all these models with their ‘perfect faces’ and we aspire to be them? We feel like we need to look like that, but we really don’t. We need to stop comparing ourselves to people’s photographs that are most likely photo shopped. It should not be the case of having to hide behind make up to make ourselves feel good. It should be about loving our natural faces, our bed hair and our figures, because the truth is we’re all unique and it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a few curves or your slim because we’re all beautiful in our own way. It doesn’t matter if someone achieved something before you, or how many times you have to re-do things. You will get there, slow progress is the best progress. Love your success and be proud of who you are. Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you’re not worthy.

Marilyn Monroe: “We are all stars, and we deserve to twinkle.”

 6) Sleep, sleep and more sleep!

Sleep is something we all cherish. Whether it’s having a day we can lay in or when we can shut off from the world and have a nap, we all love sleep. There are so many benefits to getting a good nights sleep, that will help us in our everyday life. Productivity will increase, you will be able to do all the things you were putting off, do your washing, catch up on work, do some cleaning. You know you’ve had a great sleep when you wake up and plan your day fully and then accomplish everything on your list. Not only will that make you feel more productive but it will make you feel good about yourself. It will make exercise feel a lot easier, not only will you be able to go for longer but you won’t feel as weak and you’ll feel more motivated to work out. If you’ve ever suffered from the dreaded flu viruses or the sickness bugs you will spend most of your day in bed asleep, until you’re fully recovered and that’s because sleep helps fight off these illnesses to help you recover quicker.

7) Take vitamins!

Vitamins are something that should be considered to helping you live a healthier life, but you should only take them if you are not meeting your daily nutritional intake, otherwise you could end up having too much. Some of the key vitamins to take include: Multivitamins, Vitamin D and C, Iron, Omega 3 fish oils, Vitamin B-12, Zinc and there are many more. They all have their own similar benefits, they help with mood, fatigue, hair, skin, blood vessels and giving your body extra of the key elements it needs such as Iron an Omega 3 which help lower blood pressure. Vitamin C is found in fruit and vegetables. Once you start dieting, exercising, sleeping well, drinking lots and taking vitamins, you will feel on top of the world.

Believe in yourself! Be kind to your body!

Student Journalist.