Your inner warrior is something that many of us don’t delve into thinking about. Or, sometimes we might not even know it’s representing itself in day to day life. Whether your inner warrior is something that collects all your strength and courage, defending you from your own inner critic. It’s what recognises that negative self-talk and rejects it. When you enable that inner warrior, it enables you to be able to find yourself and stand up for yourself.

It lets you be brave and it lets you feel empowered, it enables you to face your fears, to be able to overcome scary situations if you let it. That kind of energy stays with you it makes you strong and makes you feel like you can get to where you want too. Whether that’s starting a new career, saving up for a house, being financially stable, starting a weight loss routine or even making lifestyle changes. It enables you to feel more confident, to gain that strength, push away your negativity and most importantly love yourself.

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1) Turn your weaknesses into strengths

Something, we get so caught up in most of the time is the fact we have many negatives but we never really let ourselves think about the positives. We get so caught up in what we do badly, that we can’t begin to think that we can actually do things right. We don’t like to say what we think the positives are about ourselves but we’re quick enough to say the negatives.

We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses, but the thing is we also have things we can improve on which is why they’re weaknesses. It doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome them and be able to better yourself. It’s important that we get into the habit of turning what we see as weaknesses into strengths. That we put on that more positive mindset and we embrace and realise that yes we’re good enough, everyone makes mistakes. But, the thing is with them weaknesses they can be changed.

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, but that’s just how it is. Instead, embrace your weaknesses, think of them as something you can improve on and then that way they will then be turned into a strength. It’s vital to not put yourself down because you have things you’re not good at because there is always room for self-improvement. Not only that, but don’t get into the habit of not doing certain things because you’re scared you won’t be good at it. Never do that, instead, face it head-on and let that inner warrior do what it’s good at, letting you face your fears.

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2) Celebrate all your victories 

This is a fantastic one, it doesn’t matter how small or big them victories are, what matters is that you celebrate them. That you show you’re proud of yourself, whether it’s getting up early to go on a walk, getting all your daily tasks done before you were meant too, finishing up a super challenging week, winning a sports competition, getting a new job. Things like that, these are all worth celebrating, because these are the ones that will be able to bring you to your destination, where you want to head in life.

When you learn to embrace these victories, rather than put them down or think they’re not worth getting excited for you will be able to enjoy life more. You’ll be able to make the most of the moments that life brings, you’ll be more optimistic. Remember, that it doesn’t matter whether your friends are constantly celebrating their ‘big’ victories around you, what matters is that you’re celebrating yours. Don’t ever put yourself down about achieving something, because someone else achieved better. You’re worthy, of being able to celebrate whatever it is that you want, at the end of the day you achieved something and that’s brilliant.

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3) Empower yourself

Empowering yourself may seem like something that would be considered difficult. Especially, if you’re someone who is constantly putting others before you. It’s important to know that in order to help others you must help yourself. If that means turning down friends because you want the day to relax or just to simply switch off. That’s ok, it’s not selfish to do so and actually being able to empower yourself is such a strength in itself.

You must really try to love your body, mind, heart and soul every day. Not just on the odd occasion, you’re so important and you must take care of yourself. Knowing your self-worth is often something we all forget to do, we get so caught up in trying to make others happy that we leave ourselves at the bottom. But, we can’t begin to give our love or advice to anyone if we’re stuck in a rut. It’s not fair on ourselves to batter ourselves with other peoples problems that we can’t comprehend to sort out our own or be there for ourselves.

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4) Believe

Believe is so powerful, by believing you’re hoping for the best out of life and in hopes to have the life that you want. To be able to believe, you must let that negativity go and gain that confidence back. Believing in yourself is what gets you to those places if you constantly put yourself down and have that negative mindset, you will give up believing. Self-belief is so important because if you don’t start to believe in yourself, you can’t expect anyone else too.

In order to practise self-belief, you must gain your self-confidence back and be able to be confident whether that’s in yourself or what you do. Whatever it is in life, that you want to achieve, or what your goal is for example. You can’t just break on the first hurdle, this is why you need to practise self-belief and self-confidence combine them together and you’ll be able to jump over the hurdles. As well as again gaining that self-respect for yourself.

Believing inspires you it inspires you to be a better person, to work on yourself, to achieve your goals. It gives you the motivation, it makes you want to reach further and know you can do it. Believe is a lot more powerful than you think. Believe, allows you to always feel like you should keep going, keep reaching for them goals. Never give up and keep on believing, will lead to many successes, but it might take time like many things do, be patient.

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5) Stand for something

Often, we might be scared to stand for something, worried about if we do what others will say. But, letting others hear what you have to say and you standing up for what you believe in is another sign of empowerment and can be very inspiring. You must stand up for yourself, stand up for something you believe in. If you don’t stand up for anything, you will end up always falling for anything.

Not only that but it builds up your self-confidence, it helps you to develop a stronger sense of self-worth. We need to stand up for what we want too and have our own identity, not just follow the crowd. As well as that it develops self-respect, not only for yourself but for others and vice versa. It helps you gain more independence, meaning you’ll be able to stand on your own two feet and not let anyone walk all over you. This also comes for believing in what you want to and speaking up about it, independence follows with this. Some of the people you know, may not agree with what you have to say or what you believe in.

Having your independence is something you should never take for granted, it’s what makes you, you and to be able to fend for yourself. It will help build integrity, so many people nowadays are dishonest, by doing the right thing and standing up for what you believe in is not easy. But, when you manage to you’ll be able to look at yourself and be proud.


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