It’s important in life to really tap into ourselves and be able to learn more about ourselves, it’s one of them things that we often push aside and don’t really focus too much on. Maybe, because we find it difficult to be able to discover exactly what our true self is. But, there are a lot of ways in order for you to be able to find out more about your inner true self and exactly what that entails. To truly know yourself is a skill in itself, life is filled with trial and errors but this then enables you to be able to grow from that and learn from them. Once you know who you truly are, you will become more confident and your purpose will become clearer.

”The thing that is really hard and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning to work on becoming yourself.”


-Anna Quindlen

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1) Realise who you truly are, not who you want to be

Far too often, we get caught up in the what we could be or the idea of ‘perfect’ when in fact that’s not the way to live. It often puts us in a rather toxic relationship with ourselves and with that we lose ourselves. But, we all do have someone we’d want to be, even if we don’t like to admit it. There’s always something we dislike about ourselves or want to change. But, that isn’t who you are designed to be and that is exactly why it’s vital to learn about who you really are. When you begin to discover your true self, only then will you feel better about who you really are and be comfortable with who you’re and not the idea of who you want to be.

Discover your true self, by learning about your strengths, we all have them and we often push them aside and focus on the negatives. But, the strengths are really what we should focus on too because they enable us to stay motivated to keep us pushing on and are very beneficial to our lives. Of course, in life, we have problems that set us back and that’s completely ok. We can’t be good at everything, but what we can be good as is being our true self and learning how to be the best person we can be for us not anybody else. It’s important to never give up, focus on your strengths and what you’re good at rather than the bad. In order to find your true self, one step is talking about what strengths you have.

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2) Find what you’re passionate about

Passion, something that is a lot more important than we think and actually links back to our core values. We all have something we’re passionate about and something that makes us want to get out of bed in the morning. Something that motivates us to be able to reach the goals we’ve set and to be able to keep pushing forward. Whatever you carry with you that lets you be passionate, hold onto that. It could be that the work you do is something you’re passionate about and you put your all into it. It could be about the passion you have for your life and the people in it.

Being passionate about something is a good thing, it’s one of them things we often don’t really think about but is a key step to discovering who you truly are. Strive for the things that make you passionate and always keep that passion alive throughout the life you live. Passion is something that produces effort and motivation and that later then produces results and reaching the goals. Focus on passion, understand yourself in many different ways and why the things you’re passionate about are important. It inspires people and drives people to be able to get to where they want to be. No matter what hurdles come up on the way having that passion keeps you jumping over them.

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3) Uncover your values

We all have values, a lot of them we follow by in our daily lives and it’s important to have them. They influence the way we think, act and live our lives. They help in order to be able to motivate us more and help us grow. Never let go of the values you carry with you as it’s an important factor of who you’re and the type of person you’re. Don’t let people take them away from you or make you feel bad about them. Your values could be loyalty, respect, action, compassion, resilience, ambition and so many more. Values are definitely something you should find and think about, try to uncover what they’re to be able to discover your true self.

If you’re struggling to find your values, observe the different ones yourself and see which ones you most likely take on. Being able to get to grips with the values you carry, changes your behaviour massively. There are ways you can help yourself find your core values, that could be to do with experiences you’ve had in life and the way you’ve acted. It could be what it called a suppressed value which is to do with a time you got angry, sad etc. Think about how you felt and the situation as a whole. You could think about the values that are essential to you in your life, what type of values are important to be able to support your inner self.

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4) Visualisation

One of the best tools to find your true self is visualisation, visualise your inner self, figure out who you’re and how you’re feeling. The journey it takes to be able to find your true self is a long process but one that is necessary. We’re always changing as people and constantly evolving, visualise your inner self and who you’re and what you love about yourself. Use the tool of visualisation to be able to push yourself forward to be able to let you ensure you will find your true self through the process. Don’t ever try to change yourself significantly, or visualise a totally different person, because that then strips away your true self.

Instead, try and find something about yourself that you feel you could improve on, perhaps you’re someone who always says yes to others even though you don’t want too. You could then visualise that in the aspect of you want to be someone who likes to be kind to others but also needs to be able to say no once in a while. Think about the actions you portray and how you could improve on them, it’s not about changing everything about yourself, it’s about improvement and growth and visualising the best version of your true self.

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5) Try new things

Perhaps, you’re starting to feel a little bit lost in life and that’s making you not feel like your true self. We all go through this in life and whilst it can be discouraging it’s also a normal process. But, by not having anything you enjoy in life or feel passionate about you will start to feel a bit less motivated and negative about life and who you’re. You need to be able to find you that brings you joys and passion, you can do this by immersing yourself into new things and trying something different if you feel that’s necessary. Being able to expose yourself to experiences you perhaps wouldn’t delve into.

It’s about getting out of your comfort zone if you’re trying to find something else to invest yourself into to help you discover your true self. By doing things that you wouldn’t normally do you’re being given this opportunity to discover something new that you might really enjoy. You might even learn something new about yourself, help you grow as a person overall. By enabling us to do new things, we are then able to delve into many new and different opportunities that we wouldn’t tend to do.


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