There are times in life, where we all get a bit fed up with work and it can lead to a whole load of stress. It can be difficult to speak up about what’s causing you to feel stressed out as you don’t want to be a burden or get on the wrong side of anyone. However, work stress can cause health consequences just like stress in general. It not only affects your mental health but it has a massive impact on your physical health too.

It’s a very common type of stress, with many suffering from it. The problem is that often finding a job that doesn’t cause a lot of stress is difficult. The best way to approach that situation and to not let the stress impact your life too much is to have coping strategies. Whether it’s having a conflict with other colleagues, having to multitask and work under pressure, not feeling comfortable physically or it’s disorganised. Then here are 5 ways you can help yourself when it comes to dealing with work-related stress.


1) Stay out of conflict

The worst thing to get yourself into in the workplace is conflict, as this not only affects how you feel but also your job in general. It takes its toll on your physical and mental health and having a conflict with co-workers can be difficult to be able to get out off. As, when it starts you’re stuck with that person and quite often whatever has happened will quickly get around the workplace, which may lead other colleagues beginning conflict with yourself.

It’s important not to gossip, not to join in with another member of staff and gossip about someone else, don’t share personal opinions or even personal information about yourself that you wouldn’t normally share even if you feel comfortable with the person. It’s vital to know not to get into conflict and not to fuel the fire, no matter what.

Avoid those that prefer to start the drama or like everyone to know everything they’re doing or the ones that tend to think they’re above everyone else. If a conflict does end up finding you, it’s important to know how to deal with it in a mature way. Try getting in touch with your feelings, understand why you’re feeling that way about someone. Listen to the other person, don’t just cut them off listen to what they have to say. Try and find a solution, once you both understand each others perspective.

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2) Organisation is key

We all can be a little disorganised in life, which is completely normal. Sometimes, people are a lot more disorganised than other people but that’s ok. But, what is also a good skill to have is to be organised as it can help you out a lot more than you think. If you’re more organised it means you’ll be able to get to work on time, you’ll be able to go about your day knowing each task you have to complete rather than getting it muddled up and missing important deadlines.

This could be what is actually causing the work-related stress in the first place, it’s one that is possibly the most simple to avoid. It will give you a more positive mindset, it will set you up ready for the day to be able to be efficient with your work. Not only that but it will ensure that you won’t feel heaps of stress in regards to work being disorganised.

Instead, you’ll be able to cope better knowing that everything’s in order and you can tick it off as you go. It will help you not have the negative effects that a cluttered up space can give you, rather than having that dazed mindset due to an untidy workspace, you’ll have a clear one.

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3) Take a walk, listen to music or even just a breather 

At lunch, you have the time to eat and whilst you may think the easier option is to stay in your workplace, sometimes it can do wonders to get outside. If you’re constantly stuck inside in the same place every day, it can make you go a bit crazy. If you work in an office, it can be distressing as you’re having to sit down all day, so getting out to stretch your legs is vital.

By ensuring to even get a little bit of fresh air and taking a walk means that you’ll feel better not only physically and mentally which is key if you’re dealing with work stress. Most schedules allow time for lunch, enough to go for a short walk, to simply go outside and listen to some music to calm you down or even just to have a moment to breathe.

There’s nothing worse than spending every minute of every day especially when it’s causing you a lot of stress. By having them short breaks throughout the day will ensure that you have a reset and time to pull yourself together to be able to go back in with a fresh mindset.

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4) Try to stay positive and set realistic expectations

As hard as it may be to be able to think positive especially in times where you’re feeling distressed, it’s something that will have a huge impact on the way you feel. Try and switch your focus onto the achievements rather than the failures and look at them as learning experiences. We can’t always succeed within work and we can’t always be on top, that’s just how it works. But, we can sometimes excel one day and do not so good the next. But, that’s perfectly normal, it’s important to look at the negatives as something to learn from.

Try and keep that being organised in mind, don’t clutter up your to-do list too much as that leads to getting things mixed up and not getting it done on time. Take it slow on the bad days, but celebrate your accomplishments. If you feel like someone is doing better than you and that’s getting you down, then reliase that this will happen in life. But, it’s what you’re doing is the thing that matters the most. Focus on what’s important in your job, try and push everything else aside. You’ll feel more accomplished once you have a clear mindset and you’re able to tick off your daily to-do list on a daily basis.

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5) Talk to someone

Don’t be scared to speak up about what’s making you feel stressed out, it’s key to ensure that you speak about it if anything is getting you down. It doesn’t always have to be your boss, although that is beneficial so they can come up with a way to ensure you’re more comfortable at work. But, if you’d rather not do that straight away then talk to your family or friends, even if it’s just to vent about your day or simply talk about what’s on your mind.

If you feel like you’d rather seek professional help than that’s ok to and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The worst part is that you keep it locked up and have to put on a fake smile every day you have to go to work. Reach out to a counsellor, or your GP who can refer you to a professional to get you the help you need to make sure that you can deal with the work stress and be able to feel a little bit better about going to work.

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