Music is something we all listen to daily, it can help when you’re feeling down if you’re in a situation where you’re panicking and then you listen to music, it can help calm you down and make you feel less anxious.

Every single one of us has a different music taste, music is good for the soul, it’s something we can listen to if we want to switch off for a while and it helps to use music as a distraction. It can really help when you’re getting ready to do some work, or when your traveling, it has many benefits that many of us don’t even reliase. 

You’ve had the worst day, sat down put your headphones in and blasted out your favorite tunes and then everything felt ok again. When you’re in your kitchen and you don’t really feel like being productive but you put on the radio and instantly your mood is boosted. That’s how much of an impact music has.

For someone who suffers from anxiety, music is such a great escape, when I’m traveling places, or when I’m around town and there are large crowds, or when I simply just want to switch off for a bit I appreciate that fact that I can put my headphones on and listen to music and the anxiety isn’t as overpowering. 

”Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.”

-Johnny Depp

1) Depression

Something that has become a lot more popular over the years is music therapy. In some cases, it can really help alleviate symptoms of depression. In general, most of the time music can make us feel better, even if we have had the worst day and that’s what makes it so special.

In music therapy, a therapist uses music to address the physical, emotional and social needs of an individual. It is used in hopes to reduce depression and improve self-esteem. If you feel sad, put on your headphones and blast out your favorite tunes, give yourself space and just get lost in the wonderful world that is music.

Using different styles of melody, harmony, and rhythm helps calm the person, it steadies their breathing, heart rate, and other bodily functions. It provides a sense of meaningfulness and pleasure which is exactly what music offers especially when you listen to lyrics.

Lyrics are what makes music have a particular feeling to it, when someone has gone through a hard time, perhaps mental health, grief, etc. They can listen to lyrics and relate to them which is why music and people have such a huge connection and that’s what can help depressive symptoms.

2) Stress/Anxiety

We all suffer from some form of stress or anxiety, from perhaps an awful day, you just want to get home and relax and settle down, you feel low about the events that happened and you just want to let out that irrelevant stress. Or you’ve been around people that you didn’t know all day and it made you anxious, or you’ve been traveling and that has made your anxiety spike.

The hormone that is called cortisol will drop when you listen to music. This is responsible for stress, so as it is reduced, so is your blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety. The music is there to leave you feeling relaxed, it helps to ease your brain and refocus your attention.

It’s not just about listening to music, but being able to play an instrument can be really therapeutic. It’s seen as calming and something that they can delve into and feel good about.

3) Strengthens memory

When we hear our favorite songs it helps us recall where we were at that exact moment, we first heard the song as well as how we felt. Certain songs can hit us a lot harder emotionally than others, it ignites strong emotions in all of us. Some give off real feel-good energy and some bring back memories when we hear a certain tune or lyric.

Music has a huge connection with our memory, hence why we can remember the event that we first heard that particular song.

It has shown a strong correlation with our memory, when listening to music there is an increased amount of dopamine released in the brain that is known as the ‘feel-good’ hormone. It has an effect on our memory, allowing us to recall certain events in which we were, overall strengthening our long-term memory.

4) Focus

Distractions are something that we all come across daily, it can often be difficult to focus with loads going on around you, no matter where we’re, there will always be something that distracts us.

When you’re trying to do something important and your mind is traveling elsewhere put some music on and block the noises and distractions out, you’ll find you actually get what you need to do done quicker, certain genres of music help more than others.

Music such as acoustic or classical or what is classed as motivational can help more with focus especially if it’s to do with completing a work task, it also relaxes you so your not constantly stressing.

5) Motivation

A feeling we all know too well is when Monday morning hits and we could definitely use more motivation, it’s the first day of the week back and you’ve had the weekend to unwind, trying to find an ounce of energy to complete tasks you need to, can be hard.

We all have days where we’re in a slump, but just amping the volume up a little and playing something that is uplifting and energetic will be sure to put a spring in your step, whether that’s to do cleaning, finish up work, cooking, do a workout, music is the motivator.


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