When we all hit the pillow to get a good nights sleep, we wake up in the morning to a new day with new opportunities and a fresh start. A day were it is totally up to you to make the most of it and have a productive day, you have the freedom to choose how it goes. We can either choose to get out of bed and have the best day, or press the snooze button, hide under the blankets and feel dread about the day ahead. Most of the time, the way we start the day is how we will feel throughout the rest of it.

1) Be clear about your intentions for the day

You make the decisions for what you want to do for the day and the rest of your life, it’s all up to you. You can choose to have a productive day but you can also choose to have an unproductive day. You can intend to have quality time with your family and friends with no distractions, or you can choose to spend the day with them and being constantly on social media. You can intend to have a day that you will have fun and laugh, or you can just choose to stay in and shut out the world. We all need days to ourselves of course, but when we want to feel more positive the best thing to do is make the day ahead worthwhile.

Just be clear about what it is you want your day to be. Not many people understand the power of thoughts, because they live every day on autopilot, doing most things because of habit. Remember you choose your thoughts, you choose your behaviour and you choose the outcome. Every choice you make will determine how you will feel physically, mentally and emotionally.

When you wake up ask yourself do I want to have a productive day and make myself feel good?

2) A nutritious breakfast followed with lemon water

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the one that fuels us for the day ahead and yes it is important. Another key element is water, it keeps us hydrated and makes us feel more lively. Before breakfast have a large glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it and if you’re a fan of ginger and cayenne pepper, definitely chuck those in too. This will help assist with digestion and effects the body by cleansing and detoxifying it, it will help get things moving and make you feel better.

As well as this make sure to have a nutritious breakfast to kick-start that metabolism and give your body the fuel it needs. You have just had at least ten hours of fasting, your body needs good food.

3) Take a moment of personal praise

Something that many of us forget to do, is to give ourselves some praise for how far we’ve come. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small step, every little bit of progress is something worth praising. If you make to many tasks for yourself to do and you don’t complete all of them, because you just can’t, this is ok. If you’re constantly juggling between multiple tasks throughout the day, you might feel anxious and incompetent. Finding faults within yourself, especially over situations that you have no control over, will only make your day worse.

Don’t self-sabotage, it’s one of the cruellest things to put yourself through, it will attack your mood and that can completely knock you off your feet for the day. Instead, take a few minutes out and think of four qualities you have that you’re proud of. This could be that you’re a kind person, an amazing friend, maybe you can draw well, or you take pride in what you do and you always look out for those you care for most. This will boost your mood completely, just think about how great you’re because we all have something that we love about ourselves, even if we don’t say it often. Be proud of yourself, start your day on a high note!

4) Get mentally organised

Mornings are a lot more than just waking up and starting the day, they’re times to just breathe and be thankful for what you have. Hearing the birds tweeting, the sun shining through the window and the fact that you have the whole day ahead of you to make the most of.

If you wake up and delve into your thoughts, making yourself think about everything you need to do or something that makes you feel down, this will make you more tempted to go back to sleep. Instead, grab a notepad and a pen and list what you’re thinking in your head, one by one. Now minimise these thoughts and tasks into categories, depending on the priority. This will give you a clear head, it will make you feel more prepared to take on the day ahead and it may even lead to better chances of finishing all the tasks you created.

5) Have a cold shower

Let’s be honest here, there’s nothing better than jumping into a cold swimming pool on a hot summers day, so don’t let the thought of a cold shower put you off. Having a cold shower in the mornings can really prep you for the long day ahead. But don’t skimp on shower-time, showers are relaxing and make you feel refreshed. Start with lukewarm water to open up the pores of the skin and slowly work your way towards water which is on the colder side.

It has many benefits, even if it doesn’t sound the most appealing. A cold shower can help you snap out of your drowsiness, we all jump out of bed and it still takes us a good few minutes to wake up, but having a cold shower will make you feel more upbeat as soon as you step in. It has been proven that cold showers can positively boost the mood and trigger creative thinking, what’s not to love about that? They help aid in vasodilation and help improve blood circulation, this is what helps a lot when trying to maintain healthy skin and hair.

Remember to start your day with a smile on your face and being thankful for what you have around you, don’t dwell on the bad thoughts. Be positive and have a day filled with laughter, productivity and praise. 



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