1) Say yes anyway

This is so true, sometimes when we’re caught up in the fact we have to go somewhere, it means that we can go round in circles, thinking to just say no as it’s the easiest option. But, sometimes we need to push that thought aside and just agree to it instead. Because, half the time when we get into our heads that we don’t want to go to a certain place, we feel like saying no, but it’s actually a lot better if you suffer from social anxiety to sometimes just say yes. Then we’re not constantly battling the thought of feeling like we have to say no because we then might actually really enjoy ourselves and it’s important to actually think about that. Quite often, if we’re not comfortable with seeing people or being in social situations, we think about all the negatives, but not the fact we could actually really enjoy ourselves.

Being able to push that anxiety aside and be honest with yourself and be more positive about what is going on, will help in the long run. Meaning, you won’t feel as anxious or uncomfortable when it comes to going out again. With anxiety, it has this way of making you always see the bad in every situation meaning you always feel obliged to do that and say no when it comes to socialising. If you really want to go, then it’s good to just do that and not let anxiety take over. Show it who’s boss, and be able to switch that mindset in order to make sure you enjoy yourself that little bit more.

2) Be yourself

This is so important, when we go out and socialise, we often have this habit of feeling like we have to be someone we’re not, which is totally wrong. In fact, it’s so important to be able to just be ourselves and feel ok within ourselves to be able to do that. Not have to put on this fake personality, because we feel it’ll make us fit in better, because it’s important not to let who you’re being pushed aside just to be able to hang out with a group of friends. Go out and just be completely and utterly yourself and don’t be scared to do that.

The more you feel you have to be someone you’re not, the more pressure you’re putting on yourself, which can actually make your anxiety a lot worse in the long run. With anxiety and social situations, it can be hard to feel confident and feel good in ourselves, but it’s important we try our best too. It’s not worth going out with a group of friends and being a completely different person. Because, the truth is, you should be able to be yourself around the people you care about and that’s a really important fact to remember. No one should have to feel like they have to be someone they’re not just to attend a social situation.

3) Make sure you feel comfortable 

When it comes to going out for social situations, feeling comfortable is so important. If you don’t feel comfortable, then it will make your anxiety a lot worse. Giving yourself the ability to feel confident is a great thing, and being comfortable within the situation you’re in, is key. Being more comfortable yourself can be difficult and we all suffer from this at some point in our lives. Taking care of yourself is great to be able to make you feel more comfortable. Doing exercise, eating healthier to make you feel better mentally and physically. Doing things that make you happy, hang around with people that bring out the best in you is such a great feeling. Going places that you enjoy and don’t feel uncomfortable in is so important.

Being comfortable and feeling more confident, can come from just loving ourselves, for everything we’re. Learning to love our flaws and remember that we’re enough, is such an important aspect of feeling better within ourselves. Embrace your personality, don’t be afraid to just let out your wild side a little, just be yourself. Because, if you’re not doing that, then you won’t feel as comfortable within the situation. Building up your own self-esteem is so important because it ensures that you feel better within social situations not just around others, but yourself in general, which is always key.

4) Try not to overthink 

Too many times with anxiety, we overthink, which means we feel like we can’t just push the anxiety aside and do what we want to do. Overthinking can be quite toxic on us, finding a distraction is a great thing because it means we can put our mind into something else. Whilst, yes we may be overthinking about actually going to a social event, if we actually go, it means we can stop that overthinking and be able to control it and enjoy ourselves that little bit more. Learning to just take a deep breath, to be able to just breathe deeply before we do what we need to do. Being able to just breathe in and out and focus on your surroundings to calm you down is a great thing.

It’s so important to try not to overthink in any way we can, to be able to just live in the moment that little bit more and just enjoy ourselves, rather than having to battle with our mind. Staying in the present moment and be able to just focus on what is happening at that current moment in time. Learn to understand your thoughts, if they’re getting you down, it’s important to know exactly how you can help yourself in that current situation. If you feel yourself panicking, focus on your surroundings and practicing your breathing.

5) Don’t feel bad for leaving, when you feel you need too

This is so important to point out, not all the time do we feel like we want to be out and that’s ok, not all of us like that idea. It’s ok to sometimes not feel up for it at all, but when you do decide to go out, don’t feel bad for wanting to leave if you feel uncomfortable, this is so important. It’s ok to just be able to get up and leave if you don’t like the situation you’re in and you don’t feel great being there. Your mental health matters a lot and it’s important that if you don’t feel you can be in that situation you remove yourself from it and not feel bad about that. There are probably plenty of times, people have been out and not really felt like it and decided to head home and that’s completely ok.

Of course, be sure to let the people you’re with know and just know that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not worth making yourself feel worse over it and completely having a bad time.


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Words: Karley Myall