Something we’re all go through in our lives is the feeling of burnout, which is something that is completely normal to go through. More often, than not we’re constantly feeling the need to push ourselves too hard, which then, in turn, causes us to feel very fatigued and lose the motivation we have to do the things we enjoy most. Burnout is something we get when we’re constantly doing something meaning we aren’t giving ourselves any time to reset and be able to give our bodies and minds the time they need to recover, which is something they need. 

Burnout is that sense of losing the motivation and the interest in things that you enjoy the most, which is why it’s important to be able to not overwork yourself and to give yourself a break when things are getting too much. It’s important that if you start to feel signs of burnout, that you make sure you tap into doing some self-care, you check in on your emotions and you get plenty of rest. 

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1) General Fatigue

Quite often, when people start to suffer from burnout they’ll start to feel an intense amount of fatigue. This is when you really need to understand how bad the burnout itself is affecting you. When we suffer from burnout it takes a huge impact on our negative and physical health and leads us to feel very fatigued. This in turn means that we start to feel down, less motivation, and just overall fed up. Your body may start to feel heavy and you’re often finding yourself constantly not having the energy to do what you normally would. When our bodies start to feel fatigued it can make us feel a lot more stressed and anxious which is why it’s important to make sure when you start to feel this way that you give yourself time to adjust. Make sure that you’re giving your body enough time to recover and giving yourself plenty of self-care. This is what your body really needs right now and it’s so vital that you take care of it.

Make sure you do this by getting enough rest and trying to keep into a schedule with your sleep, try and avoid taking long naps in the day so you feel more tired than it comes to the evening. Try and have a nice shower or bath before you sleep to help relax you. If you’re feeling overwhelmingly exhausted then make sure to get some rest, don’t overload yourself with things you need to get done. You have to give yourself room to breathe and be able to let your mind and body rest for a little while. If you don’t, then you will lead yourself into burnout and make yourself feel a lot worse. General fatigue is a main symptom of burnout, but it’s also one that you can try to improve on and make yourself feel better by caring for your body and listening to it when it needs it the most, so when it’s telling you, you need a break, then that’s what you should do.

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2) Losing motivation/creativity

Something else that comes with burnout, is the fact that a lot of us that suffer from it can really start to feel an immense lack of motivation, and that also affecting our creativity. This means that you might not be able to find the motivation to get what you need to done or perhaps do the work you need to do or delve into your favorite hobby. Because you’re lacking that motivation and creativity that you really need. This is why it’s important to try to avoid burnout altogether, although that can be very hard sometimes. But, sometimes burnout can come on by doing too much or perhaps trying to do so much in a certain amount of time, that you can’t keep up, or just completely burning out creatively, which can happen. You tend to lose your spark for the things that interest you the most, which makes you fall out of love with that particular thing causing you to not have the motivation to do it.

Of course, we all want to put our all into the things we enjoy the most, but sometimes we can often go quite overboard with that, which is why it’s important to know when to just take a step back. Being motivated is something that is really important. It’s great to be able to wake up in the morning and have that motivation to be able to get on with your day and completely smash it. But, when we lose that motivation and that creativity, it can be really disheartening, because we want to do what we need too but we don’t feel like we can due to the burnout. It’s great to be able to set a schedule for yourself, make sure to set days where you can just take a step back for a little while, incorporate some self-care into them, so you don’t feel like you will lose motivation, rather than giving yourself too much to do.

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3) Emotional numbness

Something you may experience is what is called emotional numbness, this can often be when burnout occurs that you’re feeling very numb. The feeling itself can be quite temporary, however, for some people, it may be something that they use to protect themselves from further emotional pain. But when you begin to feel overwhelmed and helpless. It’s not uncommon to then turn that into an emotional numbness as it is then used as a protective defense. It’s when you start to shut out what you’re feeling, hardly ever checking in on your emotions, which at times can be very damaging. Signs of emotional numbness could be losing interest in what’s most important, activities you used to enjoy.

Feeling distant or detached from others, failing to access your feelings, feeling flat, both physically and emotionally, experiencing a lot of irritability.  You might start to feel physical sensations, this may come from your stomach, chest, or throat. You sometimes watch yourself going through certain motions in a particular situation. Perhaps even when you should be feeling happy, angry, or sad. Yet you feel completely nothing, you might begin to question a lot of things in your life, you might feel like you’re on the outside looking in.

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4) Not taking care of yourself

When we start to feel burnt out, we often forget to take care of ourselves in general, which is what can make a huge negative impact on our mental and physical health. It might be that we just forget to get enough sleep, or we aren’t taking care of our bodies, by eating a lot of junk food or not getting enough exercise. Some common signs of not taking care of yourself could be, experiencing major brain fog, you’re feeling an intense amount of stress and everything is getting to you no matter how small it is. You feel very tired nonstop, no matter how much rest you get. It’s very important to take care of yourself especially when you’re feeling burnt out because that is in turn what will make you feel better and enable you to be able to push through the feelings it is giving you. When we’re experiencing any kind of mental health issue, it’s something that can instantly stop us from taking care of ourselves.

But, it’s important that we don’t do that and we keep continuing to make ourselves feel better, by even just practising such simple self-care, like going for a walk, reading a book, cooking a warm meal, painting, watching a feel-good movie. All fantastic ways we can take care of ourselves and also things that aren’t going to cause us to feel even more burnt out. Self-care is vital and it really does work wonders, it doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be so simple and it helps massively. It could be that you’re getting a lot more negativity into your life, maybe perhaps from toxic people. Your surroundings may feel like they’re constantly cluttered and you’re not feeling very organised.

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5) Your relationships with others are being strained

This is something that can happen with burnout, meaning that for those around you, you may feel like there is some kind of strain on your relationship. As you yourself are struggling to feel motivated and are feeling very fatigued and perhaps very low. It may mean that you start to become very distant with others, meaning that it could potentially be harming your relationships. Of course, we all have days where we want to have it to ourselves or just breathe on our own for a little while. But, we have to understand that it’s not ok to just take out however we’re feeling on the people that are always there. It may be that you’re finding yourself becoming way more irritated than normal. Sometimes, we can’t help how we react when we’re going through something, sometimes others feel the raft of that and whilst it’s not fair, sometimes we don’t even reliase we’re doing it.

It’s important that if you feel that whatever you’re going through is putting a strain on relationships, that you talk it out and make sure they understand what’s happening. Don’t bottle everything up, it’s so vital that you talk to others as much as you can, even if you feel like you don’t want to. The people that care the most for you, will understand how you’re feeling and know that if you need time to give you that. We all go through something at some point in our lives and it’s important that we keep the ones that are always there for us close, for when this does happen because they’ll be there to talk. More often than not, if we’re feeling low or burnt out in any way, talking to those we care about can help a lot more than we think. Having a support system around you for when you’re going through t, is vital, don’t ever suffer alone, and always reach out when you need it the most.


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