1) Have some ‘you’ time

When the festive season hits, we often forget to put aside some much deserved time for ourselves, it can be difficult to even find the time to do that. When the festivities begin it can be very hard to just find a few quiet moments, but it’s something that we definitely need to do. Quite often, when we get caught up in the fact that we have way too much to do in a short amount of time, it can be very overwhelming. It’s important to be able to give yourself a little bit of time because it means you’re not going to get too stressed with everything going on around you. The Christmas period can be very stressful and that’s why it’s even more important to allow yourself to have some you time. Without having to feel guilty about it, which is something you definitely shouldn’t do.

When giving yourself some time, make sure you make it frequent, set time aside each day to just have a little breather. Give yourself five minutes to just have a breather and be able to just sit there for a few minutes to collect your thoughts. Having frequent time alone is very beneficial for your mental health in general, it helps you gain more focus and be able to stay connected with how you’re feeling. It also helps to spark creativity, gives your mind time to think about new ideas, taking it away from being overwhelmed by everything around you. It doesn’t have to be a massive amount of time, but it’s good to just set aside a bit of time each day to help you feel better. Practise self-care, if you give yourself more time, read a book, watch your favourite movie, things that make you feel good.

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2) Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

This is such an important one because when it comes to the Christmas period, it is by far the most stressful time of year. Which, means sometimes it can be even more difficult to not put pressure on ourselves because that’s the first thing we opt to do. It’s important that if we can, not put too much pressure on ourselves, especially with it being stressful as it is. Of course, a little bit of pressure is ok, but not to a point that it’s making you feel awful and ruining things for you because you feel you’re falling behind. It’s vital to not feel like you’re making yourself feel worse and that in fact, you put your mental health first before anything, because it’s super important to do so.

Rather than putting a lot of pressure on yourself, do something to help ease that of you, this could be doing something relaxing. Having a cup of coffee/tea, snuggling on the sofa, going for a walk, playing with a pet, reading a book, planning an activity, doing some colouring, anything that will keep your mind occupied. Know your worth, if you’re someone who is easily stressed out due to putting too much pressure on yourself, remember your worth. This promotes so many things, including self-esteem, confidence, creativity, passion, self-care and kindness as a whole. When the Christmas period gets really busy, make sure that you’re not giving yourself too much to do within a short amount of time, separate tasks as much as you can.

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3) Practise mindfulness

When it comes to practising mindfulness this is where you’re completely fully aware of yourself and your surroundings. Life can get very busy and whilst that sounds like something simple, it can be difficult to just be in that moment and really connect with yourself. The idea of practising mindfulness is to be aware of the thoughts and feelings that come and go, without judgement. It helps to lower stress, improving the brain’s ability to be able to manage stress as a whole. It helps to restore emotional balance, when we go through emotional situations, it often pushes us back, whereas practising mindfulness can help us cope with that a little bit better. For some, the Christmas season might be a happy time, but for others, it could be a time of grief and emotion.

It helps to reduce anxiety, when we practise mindfulness, it gives us that time to be able to be with our thoughts and to really connect with how we’re feeling in the best way. You can do this by finding a quiet place to concentrate and being in a comfortable position, ensuring you have somewhere you can get some downtime. Always concentrate on your breathing and ensure that you’re taking deep breathes, it doesn’t have to take too long out of your day either, it can be five minutes or half an hour. Try and schedule some time to be able to practise mindfulness as a whole and allow yourself to have that time to make you feel better.

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4) Set a budget

The best thing to do near the festive period is to learn to get into the habit of starting to create a budget plan, which is something that can be very beneficial. With Christmas coming up it can be a very stressful time to and trying to save up money can be fairly difficult. You can start by doing a budget plan and there are quite a few steps to this, but all will help massively. First, you can start by writing down your monthly income so you have a rough idea, then start by writing down your expenses. This will then give you a better understanding of how much you have to take out before you can start thinking about gifts etc. Separate the most important things you need to do, then work out how much you’ll have spare.

Budgeting is so important as well because it can help you feel much better about your current situation. It helps with your spending, meaning that you might not spend as much and you can save it for the important things you need to do. Not only that, but it helps you keep on track with your financial goals, helping you to control your spending and keeping you on the right track. Having goals is pretty easy, but actually being able to stick to that and be able to spend that certain amount, we’re always tempted to go a little bit over. But, budgeting helps us avoid doing exactly that. It can help you stop feeling overwhelmed about the financial situation overall.

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5) Listen to your body 

This time of year can be a lot more overwhelming than we might expect and it’s important that we give our bodies time to rest and recover. We might feel ourselves slowly burning out and it’s vital that we acknowledge that and we give our bodies the love they need. When our bodies become stressed this can have quite a negative impact on our mental and physical health. It’s that time that we need to take care of our minds and bodies and make sure that we’re doing all the self-care and allowing them to have time to be able to just breathe for a few minutes, having a break from the mad rush. Giving our bodies the time they need to be able to recover, will then make us feel a lot better and be more positive, rather than feeling overwhelmed constantly.

It’s one of those things we often forget to do, we often forget to look out for signs and realise just how bad things could be affecting us. Making sure that we get enough sleep is important because it sets us up for the day and in a way determines how we’re going to feel for the rest of it. The less sleep we get the more grumpy we’re likely to feel. Keeping hydrated is also another key tip and one we often forget about, just making sure to drink plenty of water will make you feel better. When you feel your body begin to feel quite exhausted, ensure that you give yourself some time to rest and do something you enjoy. It’s important not to burn yourself out and to take care of yourself when you need to the most.


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Words: Karley Myall