Checking in on our emotions can be something we often forget to do, it’s something that can be quite hard to do or in fact hard to understand. But, it’s something that is necessary, in order to make you feel good and feel more positive about how you feel and the control you have over your feelings. Feelings are very powerful things and can become rather overwhelming, but they’re things we can control. It’s great to be able to take the time out of our day and just be able to check-in with how we’re feeling if there’s anything making us feel low or perhaps what’s making us feel good. 

It works both ways, you don’t just have to check-in on your emotions when you feel down, you can still check on them when you’re feeling good. Because then you can learn from that and perhaps what’s making you feel happy and make sure to incorporate that into your life for when you start to feel down. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t tend to check in on your emotions, then perhaps try it and see how much it benefits you. 

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1) Understand the reason behind them

We all have emotions, we all sometimes feel good and sometimes bad, but that is what life is like. It can be difficult sometimes to understand our emotions and why we feel certain ways. Triggers often play a big part in if we feel upset or depressed and perhaps memories or certain events in like that make you smile and feel happy. With emotions, we can make connections with the people around us and we can then use our emotions to know what makes us feel good and what exactly makes us feel negative.

They allow us to figure out how a certain situation makes us feel, how certain things can easily change our emotions and the feelings we have. It’s important to recognise when we have a certain emotion and understand why. For example, if you suffer from anxiety and feel anxious or stressed in certain situations, you need to realise why you’re feeling like that and what exactly could be causing that. By being able to do that and respond to the feelings we’re having, we might then feel we can gravitate easier towards certain people and ways to feel more comfortable in certain situations.

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2) Helps you feel more in control

There’s nothing wrong with being in control if it’s done in the right way. We should always be the ones in control of our emotions and not let other people control them or trigger them in any way. Our emotions can have a huge impact on the way we think, our mood and our behaviour. By the way, we feel we can often have an impact on how we respond to others. Not only that but they can affect our relationships, friendships, work, school, our job and just how we feel overall. With the negative feelings, it might make us fall out of love with those things we enjoy doing.

But by checking in on our emotions and understanding them it makes us feel more in control of them and why we’re feeling a certain way. By having the skills to be able to reflect on our feelings will, in turn, make us feel better and will have a huge impact on the ownership we have of our lives. So, many times in life we have emotions that sometimes we can’t even explain why we feel that certain way. But, by doing a regular check-in with them enables us to be able to feel more positive and try and reduce the negative thoughts that may occur.

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3) Negative emotions are hurtful to your mental and physical health 

We can’t always help how we feel, our emotions are constantly all over the place. Whether we’re having negative emotions that last for weeks or perhaps we’re having positive ones. Really, it just depends on what certain situations we’re in and how we feel at that exact time. But, it’s safe to say we all know that negative emotions can have a real harsh impact on the way we think and our physical health too. When low moods come or stress, our bodies take a huge hit, because our minds are working overtime with the negative self-talk and the stress we’re going through.

Not only that, stress can make us feel really burnt out and just really down in the dumps, it can stop us from sleeping properly, appetite changes, muscle tension, headaches, sometimes nausea and so much more. If we can’t help how we’re feeling, we can at least acknowledge it and try and prevent it so that it doesn’t take as much of a hurtful impact on us. Some ways you can help yourself deal with negative emotions could be: trying to be reasonable, relax, meditate, cry it out if you need too, learn what triggers you, exercise, letting go of the past and don’t ignore them.

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4) Helps you to be a better person

There are many things we can do to help us be better people and to help us treat people better. But, sometimes we simply don’t want to change who we’re and how we act. If that’s you, then that’s ok if you’re someone who feels like there are ways you can make yourself a better person, than checking in with your emotions is one. If anything it helps you treat people better and not let you take your emotions out on others constantly. Once you’re able to recognise your emotions, being able to manage them and being able to communicate with others, it can then help others around you do the same.

So, just like it helps you be kinder to others and benefit you, you can also look out for those around you and be there for them when needed. It will help you to be able to improve your friendships and relationships with others. Most of us, are always looking for ways to improve and ways in which we can help ourselves be more positive and being able to understand our emotions is one of them. If you’re feeling upset and angry that can often rub off on those around you and lower their mood, or you might take it out on them for no reason, or vice versa. If you’re happy and smiling, this is infectious and makes those around you feel good.

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5) Means you can ask for help 

By checking in on our emotions, we can then figure out when we actually should reach out for help if we need it. When we’re feeling down, sometimes we just need a pick me up from family or friends. However, on the other hand, we might need more help, this could be talking to your GP, a counsellor or any other professional in that sector. It’s important to recognise when exactly you need help, you could be someone who often just pushes your feelings away and in a way ignores them and tries to push through. Or, you can be someone who goes to family and friends for help and some advice.

Whichever one you’re, it’s vital that if you ever feel negative thoughts are taking over your life and affecting how you’re feeling constantly. Then you might want to get help straight away from a professional. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, it doesn’t make you weak. Make sure you learn to communicate with those around you, don’t feel like you have to keep your feelings locked up, there’s always someone that will listen to you and do their best to help you through it. Asking for help doesn’t have to be something to be embarrassed about, in fact, it makes you strong because you’re coming to terms with how you feel and you want to help yourself.


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