Well, we’ve been given the date for everything to go somewhat back to normal, being the 21st June, but everyone is still a bit cautious as to what will happen before then and whether it will have to be pushed back. We’ve been in this situation for almost a year now, it has been one of the toughest for many, filled with so much heartache and tears. It’s one of the years we want to put behind us but we know it will still live on in many years to come. It’s affected so many individuals mental healths and so many people have lost loved ones along the way, it’s definitely been something that we wish we could change or that we wish we didn’t have to think about.

But, we still see ourselves in this situation, but we do have a slightly brighter glimmer of hope, however just because there’s news to return to somewhat normality, doesn’t mean that it’s something everyone is welcoming with open arms. Of course, we all want Covid to be gone and we all want our loved ones and ourselves to be happy and healthy, but it comes down to the aftermath of being isolated for so long and the fear that brings to people when normality does set back in again. We all want to put this year behind us, but we’re worried again for another change, one that shouldn’t feel so drastic as we’ve all done it before. 

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1) Scared it will happen all over again

Something, we all have experienced all too well throughout this is getting our hopes up for everything to come crashing down again, we’ve held onto hope, in order to keep our minds positive and try to push on through. The thing is when we start to get our hopes up we truly believe things will get better and that’s what keeps us smiling. We all do this and that’s totally ok, we deserve to be able to get our hopes up and be excited about the future. After the tough year we’ve had, being able to hold onto hope is such a fantastic way of enabling us to be positive and to be able to smile a little bit more. We have to be hopeful for the future and hope that things will change. There will be a time when we come out of lockdown, but we’ve hoped it would be earlier and we still see ourselves in it now.

By holding onto hope, it helps with many things, it doesn’t even have to relate to the overall topic of lockdown. But, when we speak of it in everyday life, it definitely has many benefits, it helps us reach our goals. Hope motivates us into taking positive actions that can then lead to positive results overall. By feeling hopeful it allows us to be able to approach the problems we’re facing and the challenges we’re going through. Hope is something that helps us to see setbacks that occur and we can then see them as a chance to improve. We have to realise that not everything will go our way and that times will be tough, but we have to be able to hold onto the fact that things will get better. But, we’re still so worried things will happen all over again and it’s safe to say that many people will be worrying about this too. However, we have to be strong and hold onto hope as much as we can.

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2) Social anxiety

When talking about social and covid it is safe to say that a big worry for many is most likely going to be social anxiety. We’ve spent so long indoors with very minimal social interaction, which means that is has led us to be quite independent and we haven’t been able to get out and socialise. It can be quite a daunting thought to think that within a few months, we might be going back to normal life because we will then have to get back into the habit of socialising. For many of us, something that could be seen as so simple will actually be such a hard situation to have to go through. For those who already suffer from social anxiety, could mean that it will be so much harder for them. Social anxiety is something that is such a burden for many and can have a lot of negative impacts both mentally and physically and it’s important to know exactly what they’re. Because, you might actually not know you have it, but it might become more visible when we get back to normal life.

Social anxiety is more than just being shy, or just wanting to avoid people, it’s a constant fear that doesn’t really ever fade away and affects daily life, self-confidence, relationships and work or school life. A lot of us worry about certain social situations, but for someone that suffers from social anxiety, the worry can feel very overwhelming before, during them and after. Symptoms of social anxiety: Worry about everyday activities, starting conversations, speaking on the phone, avoid worry a lot about social activities, such as group conversations and eating. Always worry about how you look, find it hard to do things when others are watching, fear being criticised, avoid eye contact or have low self-esteem. Have panic attacks, where you have an overwhelming sense of fear and anxiety, usually lasting a few minutes.

For more on social anxiety and tips on self-help strategies, click here. 

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3) Not being able to have time to just take a break

With lockdown, for some of us, it means going back to a very busy lifestyle, with the kids going back to school and perhaps working a lot more. It means that we have to go back to being rushed off our feet, which can be a blessing or something that can take a huge hit. We’ve had time to be able to just breathe that little bit more, or just be able to take a day off when we need it or spend a lot more time with children. By normality settling in, it can mean that we won’t be able to have that time. That we won’t be able to invest more time into self-care, whereas some of us have been able to do that throughout lockdown and been able to perhaps put more time into a hobby as such.

This is something that we might not have been able to do beforehand, whilst lockdown has been tough, it certainly has been something that has enabled us to be able to take more care of ourselves. Throughout, some of us might have been able to have more time to take care of our mental and physical health. We’ve been able to have some more time to be able to focus on ourselves and get what we’ve been needing to do done. Taking time to ourselves has a lot of major benefits, it improves our mental health overall, it helps us feel less stressed and more happier. It helps us spark creativity, it boosts our self-esteem massively because we’re learning to invest more time into ourselves. It’s important that when normality sets back in, we try and have a little bit of time to ourselves. Try and plan out time for yourself, take up a new hobby that you enjoy, set a day where you spend an hour or so investing in self-care. Taking care of yourself is so important, even if you’re very busy.

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4) We’ve been living like this for so long

We’ve been in lockdown for a while now and we’re definitely used to the same thing everyday, we have spent a lot of time indoors and it’s safe to say we’ve been living this kind of lifestyle for a while. This means it is now something we’re very used too and that means having that change and going back to normality can be something that can feel very daunting. When we go through change, it can impact us in a massive way, it can be a time that can have huge benefits or something that can feel quite frightening. When talking about the situation we’re going through right now, it definitely feels quite scary knowing that things will change and we will have to adapt to normal life again, even though it may sound crazy, but because we have spent so long feeling quite isolated, it will be very strange for that to go and to have to learn the ropes of normality.

Whilst, some of us have not enjoyed spending a lot of time indoors, some of us have enjoyed it. Of course, some of us are excited to be able to go back to normal life and do what we’re used to doing. However, some of us prefer to spend time indoors and not always have constant pressure to be doing something or to be going somewhere. But, because we’re so used to living this way, it might mean that it could be difficult to be able to actually go back to normality and be able to do all the activities we used to do before lockdown began. It’s important to be able to prepare yourself for change, even if it may seem scary, but preparing yourself for it, makes it a lot easier for you when it comes to that change happening. You have to put everything into perspective and visualise a happy and healthier future.

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5) Very worried 

There is a lot of worrying, in regards to Covid and the impacts it is having on many, of course, we’re all still feeling quite worried about what is going to happen. We still don’t really know what could happen, but we like to think the positives out of it in hopes we can have a future without Covid. But, when it comes to worrying, there can be quite huge impacts on your health, both mentally and physically. Feeling worried also comes with a lot of stress which is something that can take a massive toll on how you feel and your physical health overall. There are some great ways to be able to try and curb your worrying and hopefully make it a bit easier for you to cope with.

You could perhaps schedule some worry time, it’s important to always check in on your feelings and how you’re doing at that current time. Allow yourself to feel and make sure to be able to schedule a time to understand why you’re worrying so much and in hopes, this can help you reduce your anxious thoughts and be able to sleep better. It’s important to try and take your mind of things also, by giving yourself time to be able to put your focus into something else rather than let your thoughts take over completely.


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