1) To enjoy life a little bit more

Sometimes, life can be quite overwhelming and a lot of things can get in the way, which is why sometimes it can be quite difficult to be able to try and enjoy it. A lot of the time we make new years resolutions and sometimes they don’t always go to plan or we might see them as pointless. It’s important to enjoy life as much as we can and to be able to take each day as it comes and not waste precious time. Making sure to make great memories and treasure them a little bit more, go out of your comfort zone, and explore what the world has to offer that little bit more. Learn to focus on yourself a little bit more, make time for yourself.

Do something you’ve always wanted to and hold onto the memories you make. It’s so important to try and live life to the fullest, make sure you’re spending your time wisely and not wasting your energy on negative people. Always learn to celebrate the small wins, the big ones are great, but the small ones definitely deserve some recognition. Allow yourself to be happy, don’t let others have such control over the way you feel. You deserve to feel happy and that should be the main priority and you deserve to feel good about being happy. It’s so good to also practice being grateful for what you have, because that is such an important aspect of life, treasuring the people you have around you and the memories you make.

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2) To look after yourself

Of course, this is always a big one, no matter what, it’s so easy to fall off sometimes and just completely forget to take good care of ourselves. One of the main reasons to help you feel better physically and mentally is to make sure you take care of yourself. It can be difficult to want to do this when you’re going through a lot mentally. But, it’s so important to do so, because it ensures that you’ll feel a bit more positive about what you have coming up. Learn to be there for yourself when you need it the most because at the end of the day you can be the one that needs to cheer yourself up. It’s one of those things that we often can neglect, but when we actually do take proper good care of ourselves, it makes us feel a lot better.

Being able to look after yourself, by getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and making sure that you’re there for yourself when you need it the most, means that you will be able to feel better. It’s such a great feeling when you start to invest time into yourself to make sure that you feel better and that you’re taking extra special care of your mental and physical health. Learn to know your worth, understand that you’re a lot more worthy than you might think and that learn to love yourself that little bit more. Learn to find ways to cope with stress better, as stress can be such a burden sometimes and it’s good to learn techniques to be able to cope with it a bit better. Life is very precious and it’s important to look after yourself in the process.

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3) To live in the moment

Something that many of us might not do, or sometimes not even realising we’re actually doing it. Living in the moment is such an amazing thing because it really makes us treasure what life has to offer. It helps us to really treasure those memories a little bit more. It’s good to be able to learn how to remove the things we don’t need, negative energy that comes from certain people for example. It helps us learn to smile that little bit more, laugh that little bit harder. By living in the moment it means that you start to really appreciate the moments of today. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the emotions you might go through. Try not to dwell too much on the past as this can often set you back quite a lot.

It can be difficult to do so but trying to stop worrying as much can be very beneficial, it can be so harsh on your body to constantly be worrying about everything. Losing so much sleep because of it, anxiety can be very draining so it’s important to be able to try and learn ways to stop worrying so much, even though it can be very difficult. It also helps massively with self-control as a whole, giving you more control over your mind, body, and emotions in general. It also helps you to focus more on the now and not get to lost in the things that have occurred in the past.

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4) To learn something new 

This is a great resolution to have for the new year because quite often we are always wanting to learn something new and this allows us to do so. We all have something that we can think of that we want to try and do and we just haven’t quite got to it yet, but it’s so good to be able to delve into it and learn something new. By doing this it enhances your quality of life, learning to provide you with an escape when you need it the most and it can be very satisfying to do so. Reducing stress as a whole can be such a stress reliever when you start a new hobby. It can also help you gain a lot of confidence as well and that can be very important.

By learning a new skill, it can in turn really help improve your mental health as a whole, it can have such a positive impact on you as a whole. Having something to focus on can make you feel a lot better as a whole. By learning something new, it will allow you to have a lot of fun in general and be able to learn other skills, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy yourself a lot by doing that. Going out of your comfort zone can be so beneficial even though it might be very daunting at the time. It might also rediscover a passion you had for a past hobby that you lost your spark for and you might get that back, which can be very beneficial.

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5) Take a break from social media

One of the ones that we see a lot, but one that is actually very beneficial, being on it all day every day can be so draining. It’s important to take frequent breaks away from it if you can because this will in turn make you feel a lot better mentally. It’s important to also know the signs as to why you should take a break from it. It might not seem ‘fun’ to you anymore, but sometimes it can be the complete opposite and make you feel very down. The main one is that you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, which can lead to quite a toxic cycle as a whole. You’re seeing way too much negative content, which in turn is having a massive negative effect on your mood.

You may feel like you’re spending way too much time on it and it’s the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see when you go to sleep. Taking a break can be so beneficial and it definitely will in turn make you feel a lot better. You can start taking a break by turning off all your notifications for the platforms or if you want to uninstall them. It’s safe to say that you don’t have to be on it every second of every day, you can definitely give yourself time away from it and it’ll be fine to do so. We get so caught up in the lives of others that we forget about how we’re feeling and what’s going on in our own lives. Just know that you can take time away and that it will help you feel better mentally and that’s important.


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Words: Karley Myall