Online counselling is prooving to become a popular form of counselling, it can be a huge benefit knowing that doing therapy online offers the same as a face to face session and it’s important to know truly just how beneficial online therapy actually is. Whilst some things are better in a face to face session, online therapy has a lot to offer and the biggest one is that it makes them clients who are too afriad to step out of their comfort zone, to stay in it and be in their own safe space. 

With the current situation, we’re still in right now, many counsellors are trying to avoid face to face counselling and are opting for online of the walk and talk therapy, which adheres to social distancing. If you’re looking to get some counselling through these tough times and are wondering whether online counselling is actually beneficial, then here are 5 benefits to do with online counselling that might make you feel more comfortable with making that decision. 

1) Accessibility 

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Sometimes, face to face counselling isn’t for everyone, which is absolutely fine. As most therapists will offer online counselling, which is still just as beneficial in some cases even more than face-to-face. One big benefit is accessibility when it comes to online counselling. If you perhaps live in an area where there are not many counselling services for miles away, then online counselling is beneficial for you. Those that suffer from a disability, or have visual/hearing impairments can also benefit massively from this kind of service.

It can also be easier for those who suffer from anxiety, to speak online because they’re in their own safe space, rather than having to travel. It can also help children and teens to receive therapy as they tend to be more confident and comfortable with using the internet. Some may just tend to feel better using online resources because it makes them feel more at ease and not feel stressed.

2) Convenience 

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Another huge benefit is it’s convenient, it works around the client and the therapist themselves and quite often doing online counselling fits both schedules better. It’s easy to come up with a time and to correspond with each other. It can take away that stressful time to be able to come up with times and ensure everything is in place and ready. Not only that, but it’s easier for those who have to travel to the therapist. Meaning they safe time from not travelling.

It’s also good for perhaps scheduling online counselling for later in the day, so rather than a normal day of 9-5 with face-to-face. Online could be stretched to the evening, which means it can be more convenient for those who work in the day and have free time in the night. It also gives the therapist the ability to offer their counselling to a wider geographical region. It also helps those who feel uncomfortable talking face to face feel better. This can benefit those with social anxiety, agoraphobia and anxiety disorders.

3) Lots of ways to communicate 

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There are so many different ways to communicate in the online world, whether you prefer to email or text, you can do that. If you prefer to speak on the phone, that’s also fine and if you want to have a video chat that can be offered too. Either way, the therapist can pay close attention to you and the way you speak or write, to understand your problems and come up with a way to help. Being able to do online counselling gives those that struggle to come up with words to describe how they’re feeling on the spot the time to be able to think about it clearly and how they’re feeling.

As online can sometimes be more in a written form if you take the email or texting route. This might help those suffering to be able to write a thoughtful and self-reflective piece to express how they’re feeling in a more in-depth way. Not only that but with any form of communication online having a written record allows the client to be able to have a reference point.

4) Comfort

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Whilst all therapist ensure to make their clients feel comfortable, whether face to face or online. Sometimes, people prefer to have therapy online. We have a certain level of comfort that makes us feel good and we tend to try not to step out of that. That level of comfort is always expected in the counselling session. Staying in your home in an environment that’s familiar to you, will put your mind at ease and let you feel like you can speak freely because of that.

You’re able to be in your element where you feel comfortable to have your therapy session. With online counselling, you can do exactly that. It’s good to know that when you have your therapy sessions online, that it’s completely fine to just relax and be yourself and express how you feel. You’ll be able to do this confidently with the right therapist, to be able to come up with a solution to help you with what you’re struggling with whilst also being comfortable at the same time. If you’re one of those people who don’t tend to step out of your comfort zone and prefer to stay in your own environment then online counselling is perfect for you.

5) It’s good for group therapy 

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As many of you know, with group therapy most of the time you do have to be with the person in order to receive it. But, this doesn’t always have to be the case, especially with what’s going on in the world right now and depending on the situation you and the other person might be in. It may be incredibly difficult for you to see each other, therefore you’d prefer to do it online because you don’t have to be in the same room as them.

Online counselling can be beneficial for couples, who want counselling as it gives them their opportunity to speak about what’s bothering them and come up with a solution. Whether they live together, or whether they don’t. It still allows couples counselling to be beneficial despite the situation. Not only for that, but it’s similar for family counselling perhaps there is quite a few of you and it’s easier to be able to do it online separately then be stuck together in a room. With online, it offers you to be able to do that and to be able to stay apart if that’s what you want to do, to give you a chance to resolve the issues. It might just be that you live in different places so it’s hard to get somewhere to do the counselling, which is why online again is beneficial.


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